Friday, August 19, 2011

Why Buy a Used Cell Phone?

When most people think of buying a cell phone, they’re thinking in terms of starting new cellular service or upgrading the one they have when their contract expires. There are other times when you might want to buy a cell phone and buying new may not be the best option at all.

Cellular CountryHow can that be? New cell phones are expensive. You either pay up front to the tune of hundreds of dollars or you let the carrier pay at least part of your phone’s cost. They don’t do that for free, of course. If you want a free or discounted cell phone, you have to commit to a two year contract.

What if you want a different phone before the contract expires? Too bad. You either have to commit to another 2 years, if they allow contract changes at all, or pay the full cost of a new phone. That can easily be $300 to $600 for some of the more popular and sophisticated models.

They option you may not be aware of is to buy a used cell phone. When you buy a used phone, you save a small fortune. If you play it smart, you’re not buying a piece of junk. Get yours through CellularCountry and you’ll get a 100% guarantee that the phone will function perfectly when you get it. Each phone includes a free home charger and battery. They ship from the company the same day as you order and shipping is free on orders over $150.

What kind of condition are these phones in? Cellular Country offers phones in four conditions. Refurbished means in pristine condition with the manual and box. These are possibly from customers that had buyer’s remorse when they signed up for cellular service and cancelled right away. They might also have simply changed their mind and wanted a different phone after all.

The other three phones fall into the categories of Excellent with very little sign of use, good with normal wear and tear apparent, and fair with a lot of wear on the phone. All of these, from refurbished to fair are fully functional and guaranteed to work when you receive them. Each phone comes with an unconditional 30 day warranty.

Who wants a used phone? You do if you’d like to have another phone for your existing service but don’t want to pay full price. Perhaps you need a replacement for the phone you accidentally drove over in the parking lot. It wasn’t really a good idea to set your phone down on the top of the car while you went looking for your keys, was it? It’s so easy to forget setting things there.

Other good reasons for buying used instead of new include having a phone you don’t mind giving to the kids or one to take on the job site where rough treatment is likely. You may want a phone to take overseas. In this case, you’ll probably want an unlocked model so you can use a foreign carrier while you are away. You do that buy buying a international SIM card that plugs into the card slot on a GSM phone. GSM is the type of phone that works on AT&T and T-Mobile networks.

Would you like a good phone, cheap? If so, consider a used cell phone or smartphone from Cellular Country. Choose from phones that work with your favorite carrier, get an unlocked model, and pick the model and brand that you want at a huge cost savings.

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