Friday, December 23, 2011

Last Minute Online Gifts For Good

It’s the night before Christmas,
and all through the house,
Santa is fostering an orphan baby elephant right now. Is it for you?the screams from the office
have upset your spouse.

You made a gift list
and checked it your best.
How could you have forgotten
your brother out West?

It’s a last minute panic,
driven by fear.
Is there anything out there
that can save you this year?

On Google, on Yahoo, on GoodSearch, on Bing!
Visit the K.I.N.D site and you’ll find the right thing.
Now only will you deliver that gift that you should,
You’ll be doing young students a whole world of good.

Instead of calling your brother
to say that you’re sorry,
give a desk in his name
to a kid in Malawi.

A desk will be built,
creating local employment.
A child gets off the dirt floor,
creating school time enjoyment.

Right now you contribute,
in a process that’s swift.
Your brother gets an e-card,
acknowledging your gift.

This couldn’t be easier,
it sure fills a need.
Relax now at Christmas,
you’ve done a good deed

Making a donation to a good cause in someone’s name brightens the day of 3 people. You feel good doing it, the person whose name you are giving it in is both surprised and delighted, and the charity that you help improves the life of a person or animal, perhaps all year long.

This year, we’ve been especially intrigued by the K.I.N.D: Kids in Need of Desks project that is a cooperative project of Lawrence O’Donnell on his MSNBC show, “The Last Word,” and UNICEF. What makes this project so compelling is that for a mere $48, you can have an entire desk built in Malawi and delivered to a classroom in need. This desk will be used for years, perhaps decades, to improve the learning of kids who now sit on the floor and write in their notebooks the best they can. It’s amazing how such a small contribution on our part can make such a huge difference in the lives of youngsters and adults in the third world. Adults? Yes, the adults are hired to build those desks out of metal pipe and wood on-site in Malawi. When ready, they load the desks into a truck and deliver them to delighted students at one lucky classroom. The next load goes to a different classroom.

You can read more about this K.I.N.D project, see the happy faces of the school kids in Malawi and watch a video about the project. Then, go to the K.I.N.D. donation page and contribute what you wish in your own name or for anyone else you want to honor. Your donation will be processed instantly online and an e-card from K.I.N.D. will be sent to the recipient of your choice.

Did someone say it was too late to buy a last minute gift this year? Ho, ho, ho. There’s always time for giving on the Internet. For the animal lover on your gift list, have a look at "I Want a Baby Elephant for Christmas."

Happy Holidays!

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