Friday, May 11, 2012

Commercialize Your Training Courses Easily

Is training part of your company culture? For most businesses it certainly is. You spend a lot on training and need it to deliver the results intended. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool that made it fast and easy to create and manage online training courses? Wouldn’t it be even better if you could make money off the training materials you already have? Take a look at this and see what you think...

Can you believe that it’s this easy to make your in-house training program more efficient and generate an additional stream of income as well? Why, training could transform from an expense to a profit center overnight. Seems like it’s hard to go wrong with this approach. Go ahead and try it for free to get the ball rolling.

This is power of Internet applications. You can get started right away by opening an account (free to try) and uploading presentations that you already have. These can be files in PowerPoint, video, Word or PDF format. They’ll be automatically converted into an online course that anyone designated can access over the Internet. It’s up to you how many files you want to include and how you want them arranged in your training program.

There’s no software to install to use this system. It’s all online, accessible through your web browser. Trainees don’t need anything but their Internet enabled computers to participate. Upload your company logo to identify the training as a product of your organization.

Part of what this system does is to get your training materials online so that you aren’t constantly copying handouts and standing up to present slides and give quizzes. Once you’ve got the material ready to go, trainees can go through the multi-media training themselves. Go ahead and include a quiz. Those who pass will be able to download and print their own certificate of completion. Three different designs area available that you can select in lieu of designing your own.

Managing the training process can now be done from your PC screen. Keep track of where trainees are in the process and see who is doing great without assistance and who needs extra help. Set up automated reminders for those who just can’t seem to get to the material on their own initiative.

Don’t forget that unless you consider your training materials so proprietary you don’t want anyone outside to see them, you can make money off the same courses that you paid to develop for your own people. The marketplace for this is a feature of the system. You pay a small commission for each program purchased. Plus, you can even get graphs of your customers’ progress in using the materials.

Is this the best thing that’s happened to training in our lifetime? You bet it is. Get some of this action for yourself right now. Build & track online training courses with a 30 day free trial and see how much your training improves.

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