Friday, June 01, 2012

Green Hosting Free Domain Name

A lot of people like the idea of helping the environment, but they like the idea of cheap hosting prices and free domain names even more. What if you didn’t have to choose? What if you could get an environmentally responsible hosting plan with the features you need at a bargain price with a free domain name included? Say hello to GreenGeeks green hosting with free domain name for life .

Powered By GreenGeeksJust what do you get with this green web hosting? How about unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth for data transfer, the ability to host unlimited domains on one account, unlimited email accounts and unlimited MySQL Databases.

Now let’s look at what’s free that other hosting providers nickel and dime you for. You domain name is free for as long as you are using the hosting service. It’s easy to move your existing site with free site migration. There are free marketing credits to help you boost your traffic and a free web site builder and templates to help you create a site from scratch in no time at all. You’ll have an auto-installer for 150+ free apps for all the functionality you need to compete in today’s marketplace.

All of this comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, no hidden costs, super fast activation, North American support anytime and a 30 day money back guarantee.

So, just how low is this low cost green hosting? Under five bucks a month. Actually, $4.95 a month. Cheap enough to get you interested? Wait no longer, get started right now.

You might think that at such a low price you’ll be getting some stripped down hosting service. Not so. GreenGeeks runs the Linux operating system with a high performance MySQL backend running on dual quad core frontend servers connected to the Internet by multi-gigabit bandwidth. The entire system is monitored 24/7, every 10 seconds. Courtesy nightly backups protect your data.

Well, that sounds like a good deal on hosting but what about the green aspects. Does this service really earn the title “green”?

GreenGeeks certain has earned its green stripes. A lot of companies buy energy credits to offset their power draw. Green Geeks goes them three times better. That’s right, they replace with wind power 3x the amount of power they draw from the grid to operate their web servers. That not only covers their carbon footprint, but the carbon footprints of two other companies that don’t care enough to contribute.

GreenGeeks goes beyond simply purchasing wind energy credits to claim green status. They’ve gone in an reconfigures their servers so that they use less energy and run cooler. That has the added benefit of reducing the cooling power needed to run the data centers. Office policy is to print only legal and essential documents and recycle any other paper used. Auto lighting control automatically turns off lights when the office is vacated. They even promote telecommuting and take turns bringing in home cooked meals to avoid all the paper, plastic and styrofoam that comes with take out orders.

GreenGeeks standard hosting plan will work for most everyone, but resellers and larger companies may need more resources. For that, they offer green reseller hosting and green VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting.

Are you intrigued enough to learn more about the details and features of GreenGeeks green web hosting ? Yes, it IS possible to be environmentally responsible and get the best deals on hosting at the same time.

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