Friday, June 08, 2012

Try Social Media Marketing Services Free

You’re aware of all the buzz surrounding social media marketing (SMM). You no doubt already have Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts for your business. Yet, you have that nagging feeling that you really should be able to make this new form of online marketing work a lot better than it does now. Perhaps all you need is a little bit of the right help.

Click here for more information and to start your 30 day free trial...Grosocial is a Utah based company that specializes in helping businesses create more effective social media presences. Their tools are used by thousands of companies worldwide to find new customers through social networking platforms and convert those relationships into higher revenue.

Perhaps the most interesting service that Grosocial offers is an online tool called “Customizer.” This is a drag-and-drop page editor for Facebook. Rather than settle for what Facebook provides and everyone else uses, why not stand out in the crowd with something that looks and works completely different? Let’s take a look as some of the ways you can customize your social media marketing.

Start with dynamic forms. Pick from basic form fields, checkboxes, radio buttons and drop down lists. Use these to collect names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses or whatever else would be useful in engaging a potential customer. These form widgets let help you generate more leads that you can today or schedule appointments or gather promotional entries.

Next incorporate other social media on your page with like and follow buttons or Twitter feeds, YouTube videos and more. Once again, these social tools are set up to be simple drag and drop operations. No software required.

Are you happy with the way your Facebook tabs work today? Boooorinnngggg. Put some zip in them with over 70 fonts, buttons, gradients and shapes for that professional appearance and visitor appeal. Go ahead and add slideshows, your own logos, photos and other images. Need more graphics than you have now? Us the provided image gallery for backgrounds, headers, banners, footers and other ready-to-use professional images. You may not need to engage a graphic designer at all.

Expand your promotions and make them more viral using sharing oriented features like reveal tabs, digital downloads, production listings and a promotion widget.

How do you know if any of this is really working? End results will be a sure indicator, but sometimes these promotional efforts take a while to reach fruition. No need to be stuck in the dark meanwhile. Use the Customizer analytics to see which tabs are working and which ones aren’t You can track hits, page views, who shared your tab, when they shared it and how often it was shared, plus number of “likes”, form submissions and other key data. Peruse online or export the data for further analysis.

Does all of this have you thinking that maybe your Facebook tabs could be doing a better job for your business? If so, this would be a good time to start a free 30 day trial of the GroSocial Customizer. No credit card is needed and you can get going right now. If, and only if, you really like how it works, then go ahead and sign up for the subscription service at a very reasonable cost. It’s a good way to improve your social media marketing without making a major investment.

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