Friday, July 20, 2012

SOHO VoIP Phone Service With Two Lines at $8.33/mo

Do you need business telephone service for your small office or home office and want it at bargain prices? Would you just like to get a great deal on home phone service with two lines so two people can make calls at the same time? Would you find a price of $8.33 a month attractive?

Get SOHO VoIP phone service with two lines at a cheap rate...How is a deal like this even possible considering what the phone company dings you now for your landline service? The trick is to get your service from a competitive service provider with advanced technology and aggressive pricing. It’s too expensive for competitive telephone service providers to lease local phone lines anymore, so the answer is to use an alternative network to make the connection. This network happens to be the broadband service that you already have installed in your home or small business. Your broadband service can double as a phone line as well as a computer line.

This is the heart of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. It’s also called broadband phone or network voice. You don’t have to buy a new telephone. You can use a regular landline phone for VoIP service by plugging it into an interface called an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA). Phone Power, one of the most advanced providers of VoIP phone service for home and small business users, includes an adapter with their VoIP service. What’s special about this one is that it lets you plug in two telephones instead of just one.

Here’s how this works. Plug two separate phones into the 2-line adapter. These can be single handset phone or those cordless phones with base stations and multiple handsets. Someone dials out on line 1 and makes their call. Meanwhile you want to make a call too. OK. Just pick up the second phone, get dial tone and make your call. You are both talking at once. You can also receive two separate phone calls. The only caveat is that you still have only one telephone number. The magic of technology has created a cloned second line.

Your service also includes lots of other desirable features. First, you get free calling to the US and Canada. There is no distinction between local and long distance calling. The one exception is international calls that have extra charges. Even so, you get an hour of free international calling every month. For most people, this is like having all the international long distance they really need.

Another 45+ free premium calling features are also included with your hosted VoIP service. These include the usuals like voicemail, Enhanced 911, 3 way conference calling, call forwarding, call waiting, call hold, incoming Caller ID with name, speed dial and the ability to keep your current telephone number.

Some of the more advanced features include voicemail-to-email viewer that lets you view and listen to your voice mails through your online account, a fax catcher that lets incoming faxes go to voice mail where they’ll be collected as a file you can open and print through your online portal, and an iPhone app. This free application, available on the iPhone App Store, lets you take your Phone Power VoIP phone service with you on the go. You’ll never miss an important call just because you are near the wrong phone.

So, how about this $8.33 per month pricing? It’s for real, but you need to buy a year’s phone service in advance. With that you get a second year’s service free, which averages out to $8.33 a month. Too much commitment? Get a 24 month term contract and pay $14.95 a month, $16.95 for a 12 month term, or go month to month for just $19.95 a month. Even this rate is probably lower than what you pay the phone company now or what some nationally advertised VoIP services dare to charge. It’s an amazing deal for an amazing suite of features.

Are you looking for new or better telephone service? If enterprise VoIP solutions are way more that you need or care to pay for, consider this feature rich VoIP phone service available at a bargain price.

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