Friday, November 16, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III Supports Verizon 4G LTE

If you are looking for a powerful smartphone that embraces the latest technology for features and speed, look no further than the Samsung Galaxy S III for Verizon Wireless. The Galaxy series has always led the way in innovation, with this model continuing the tradition.

Samsung Galaxy S III for Verizon Wireless in blue.The Galaxy S III is an android smartphone running the Google Operating System 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich.” It sports a 4.8 in. HD Super AMOLED display with 1280 x 720 pixels to make text, video and everything else on the screen look crisp, vibrant and rich. The curved display helps to minimize screen scratches even when placed face-down.

But is it fast? You know it is. The processor is a 1.5 GHz dual-core with expandable memory capacity up to 64 GB. It supports Verizon’s 3G and 4G networks so that you’ll have broadband almost everywhere. The 4G standard is LTE, the fastest wireless network standard available. In non-4G areas, the data download speed falls back to EV-DO Rev A 3G speeds, which was state of the art until recently. Don’t bogart all that bandwidth. Share your 3G/4G connection with up to 10 WiFi-enabled devices.

The camera capability of the Samsung Galaxy S III is also impressive. You have two cameras on-board. The primary rear facing camera features 8 Megapixels with zero shutter-lag, a burst shot for rapidly snapping 20 pictures in burst shot mode to capture the fast moving action, and the ability to record HD video and shoot still photos at the same time. The front facing camera is 1.9 Megapixels for nice clear video conferencing. The new Share Shot feature lets you share all the photos you snap at an event instantly with friends nearby. You don’t even need WiFi connection. Want to check a video while doing something else? Pop up Play puts your video in a small picture-in-picture window that you can view while multi-tasking.

Speaking of video chat, Video Chat-Google+ Hangouts lets you join a hangout video chat with up to 9 other participants.

A new technology Samsung introduced in the Galaxy S III is called “S Beam.” It’s a combination of NFC (Near Field Communications) and WiFi Direct.

NFC is meant to establish communication links over very short distances. It is most often associated with digital wallet applications that let you use your smartphone in place of cash or a credit card. As more merchants equip their POS (Point of Sales) terminals with NFC, you may be able to leave your physical wallet at home and use your smartphone to buy just about anything.

WiFi Direct establishes a WiFi link without the need for a WiFi router or access point to act as intermediary. WiFi Direct has a longer range than NFC and can transfer large files at high speeds.

What Samsung is using S Beam for is sharing photos and other files between two phones without going through any setup gymnastics. You simply put the two phones back to back and tap the file you want to share. The person with the other phone accepts the transfer and the file is copied from your phone to theirs. How fast does this occur? Using WiFi Direct, the Samsung Galaxy S III can achieve speeds up to 300 Mbps.

Are you ready for an upgrade or a totally new phone? Do you want to get the latest technology at a discounted price? If so, check out the Samsung Galaxy S III Blue for Verizon Wireless. Many other models are also available at great deals.

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