Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yes, You Can Afford a Content Delivery Network

The public Internet is a marvelous system for communications. Businesses can connect with consumers and other businesses worldwide at a modest cost. It is the Internet that has created millions of business opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t exit. Unfortunately, like any other successful environment, the Internet has gotten crowded. So much so that you website may have slowed to a crawl. Are you permanently stuck in this traffic jam?

Check out the benefits of a low cost content delivery network CDNThe short answer is no. There is not much you can do about the flow of data through the Internet except to get the best last mile connection possible and find a clever way around the congestion. Major content providers discovered years ago that if you can’t get through the Internet in a timely fashion, the best you can do is go around it.

But, doesn’t circumvention get you speed at the cost of losing connectivity with customers? Not if you do it right. The popular solution is called a content delivery network or CDN. This network doesn’t connect directly with the end user. Instead, it bypasses much of the Internet and delivers content as closely as possible to the service providers. You still have potential issues of congestion within the provider’s networks. Even so, the speed up in performance is dramatic.

Who uses content delivery networks? Big content producers mostly. That includes companies delivering streaming and downloadable video and audio feeds and large software packages. CDNs are a big solution for big operations. So that leaves the small and medium e-commerce companies out of luck, right?

Not any more. Now there is a CDN solution anyone can afford. It’s called MaxCDN . Packages start at under $40 a year. You see that correctly. It’s $40 a year, not a month. That’s cheaper than a lot of backup solutions used by small businesses and consumers. What do you get for your money? Let’s take a look.

MaxCDN puts your content as close to the user as possible. They do that by running a network of content servers located around the world. Right now, when someone clicks on a link within your website, your server downloads the files necessary to reproduce the page through the Internet across whatever distance is between you and the user. Time delays are introduced along the way from routers and switches in the network and the speed of transmission through optical fiber. Users who are physically close to your server get faster loads than users who are thousands of miles away.

MaxCDN gets around these delays by having multiple servers loaded with copies of your large static files, such as images, JavaScript files and style sheets. The system is smart enough to know where the user is located and to serve the file copy closest to the user. This minimizes the latency between server and user to significantly speed up load times. You can speed up your website by seconds, even make it load 2 or 3 times faster than it does now. This results in happier, better conversions and increased revenue for you.

MaxCDN gives you an easy to use control panel to manage your account with performance reports to show just how much the service is helping. You also get plugins and custom setup to make setup fast and easy.

Are you frustrated that your users are going away because they haven’t got the patience to wait for your site to load? An easy solution my be at hand. Check out the features and benefits of MaxCDN now and see if it might be of immediate benefit to your organization.

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