Monday, June 03, 2013

Will a Refurbished Smartphone Meet Your Needs?

You should never have set your phone on top of the car along with that coffee cup. One distraction, even thinking about this morning’s meeting, and you’ve pulled out of the lot with your stuff still on the roof. You may or may not feel or hear the crunch as your phone slides down the side of the car and under the back wheel. The coffee just made a mess down the window. The phone is a financial disaster.

Cellular Country - Your source for quality pre-owned mobile phonesWhy is that? Because now you have an expensive service plan with nothing to access the service. Your options? You can drive over to the carrier’s store and pick up a replacement. It’s likely your wallet won’t be more than a few hundred dollars lighter. Maybe twice that. It all depends on what you buy. However, for a fraction of the money you can get a like-new refurbished smartphone of the same or better model. Unless you just want a cheapy, there’s a good chance you’ll also get it shipped free.

What am I talking about? Something you probably haven’t considered. It’s buying a used cell phone instead of a brand new one shrink wrapped at the store.

Oh, but are these all beat up old models that nobody wants anymore? Not hardly. Many are returns to that same store where they sell the new ones for a small fortune. Once they are unwrapped and leave the premises they can’t be sold as new any more. Others are trade-ins from people who get enticed to upgrade to a new phone at a discount when they renew their contract.

If you want one of the newer models in top condition, consider buying a used phone in refurbished or excellent condition. What’s the difference? Refurbished phones have been restored to like-new condition and are both mechanically and cosmetically perfect, complete with their own box. Set one down next to a brand new phone and you’ll be hard pressed to see a difference. Well, other than the price tag. That refurbished model is considerably cheaper and only you need to know that you bought it used. Or, why not brag about how much you saved with your savvy shopping? Just don’t rub it in too much. People who just paid top dollar hate hearing that.

Excellent condition phones are nearly perfect cosmetically or mechanically. Yes, they may have one or two small scratches on the case. How many days or weeks will that new phone go without any scratches whatsoever? These are great phones that you can feel proud to carry.

Now, there are times when you don’t really need a top-condition cellphone, especially if you can get a really good deal. Examples are when you want to add a second or third phone on your plan. Maybe you need something to carry to the job site or use out in the fields. These environments can make a new phone look used in short order. Why spend all that money when something good enough will get the job done without you worrying about having to be so careful every minute?

Another use for less than perfect phones are starter phones for teens and even younger children. Chances are that they’ll be used hard and maybe dropped a few times. Do you really want to spend hundreds of dollars on something your kid will use like kids do?

These more-used phones fall into the category of good and fair. Good phones have scratches and wear as you’d expect. Phones in fair condition look a little rougher with signs of wear all over the case. These are beater phones, but they are still function perfectly.

Thinking about a replacement or additional mobile phone for your service plan? Before you pay the big bucks, check out today’s selection of refurbished and used cell phones to see how much you can save.

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