Friday, August 15, 2014

Save Elephants By Transferring Your Domain Names

By John Shepler

Here’s a short term opportunity for you to save considerably on what you pay for your domain names and help a worthy cause at the same time.

Namecheap, a well known domain and hosting company that we use for our own domains, is running a special offer still available today (August 15, 2014). When you transfer your .com, .net or .org domain to Namecheap, you pay just $7.88 for the first year and use the promo code SAVEDUMBO. That’s a great bargain compared to most hosting companies.

What about after the first year? I just renewed one of my important commercial .com domains for $10.69. That’s a good price on its own. $7.88 is a steal.

So, what’s this good deed? In addition to the price break you receive, Namecheap will send $1 to Save the Elephants for each transfer.

Save the Elephants is an important organization working to secure a future for elephants on the African continent. At least 33,000 elephants are being illegally killed each year for their ivory. At this rate, they may well go extinct within our lifetime.

Is that something you want to let happen? I didn’t think so. Learn more about the work that Save the Elephants is doing to thwart poaching and trafficking in ivory and to raise awareness of this dire situation. If you are moved by this important cause, please consider making a donation of your own to Save the Elephants or some of the other important organizations working to “help an elephant.”

Don’t forget, the Namecheap special transfer offer is good today only, although you can get an excellent price on hosting and domain registrations all year long.

Update: With your help, NameCheap donated $1,256 to Save The Elephants in honor of this year's World Elephant Day. Thank you.

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