Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Converting From Regular Phone Lines to T1

Business has been good. Your small office has turned into a much bigger area as more people have joined the team. You may have the physical space to be at your most productive, but your phone service is cramping your style. Either there just aren't enough lines to go around or your telecom closet is a rats nets of phone lines and channel banks, as phone lines have accumulated over the years. Plus, look at the size of that monthly phone bill. Line service alone is costs you a fortune. Isn't there a better way?

You bet there is. Analog phone service is perfect for the one person office, the two line business phone, or the small key telephone system with 4 to 6 lines on separate buttons. But once your operation is big enough to move to an in-house PBX phone system or you need both telephone service and broadband Internet access, It's time to move up to a T1 line.

What's special about T1 phone lines? T1 is a proven digital technology developed by the phone companies to carry multiple telephone calls on a single trunk line. T1 lines use the same twisted pair copper wiring as analog phone lines, but they only need two pair to transport up to 24 separate telephone conversations. Each channel of a T1 line carries a single phone call.

Think of T1 telephone service as a way to consolidate many separate outside lines into a single line that plugs right into the T1 interface on your PBX system. Most PBX and IP PBX systems come with this capability. If you have an older system, you might need a plug-in card or a separate channel bank to provide the needed interface.

So, what do you gain by upgrading to T1 phone service? If you're running a dozen or more lines, you are almost sure to save money by consolidating all of them on a T1 line. T1 prices have come down so much in recent years, that you might only need 6 to 10 lines to see a savings.

A variation of T1 service called ISDN PRI or Primary Rate Interface gives you up to 23 phone lines on a single T1 line plus the ability to have Caller ID for your phone system. You can also have your T1 channels set up as any combination of inbound, outbound, local and long distance telephone service. Need toll free numbers? Have them included with your line service.

Smaller businesses that only need 6 to 12 phone lines plus broadband Internet access will be interested in Integrated T1 service. As the name suggests, Integrated T1 uses a single T1 line to carry both traditional phone service plus Internet service. Generally, these lines are dynamic so that any bandwidth not needed for phone calls is automatically assigned to broadband speed. Integrated T1 service can be a cost savings over separate phone lines and broadband connections. Plus it is highly reliable for both telephone and Internet service.

What does it take to convert from regular phone lines to T1? Very little effort on your part. In a few minutes, you can enter an online T1 service inquiry and get pricing for your location. If you need help deciding or want to hear about all the options available, one of our expert consultants will be happy to give you a call.

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