Thursday, September 18, 2008

Use a Telecom Broker Before You Go Broker

Where do you buy your telecom line services? From the local phone company? From a carrier sales executive? OK, then. How do you know you're getting the best deal? After all, every one of them will smile at you and tell you what a good deal you're getting. But without a list of competitive quotes to compare, who's to say if you're getting a good deal, great deal, so-so deal, or taken to the cleaners?

Great. So who's got time to chase down a dozen competitive service providers and get quotes out of them? Who can even find these people? I'll tell you who. A telecom broker, that's who!

You may have never heard of a telecom broker but you'll probably benefit from using one. The role of the telecom broker is to do the leg work that you don't have time for. These people are experts in the telecommunications industry but not employed by any of the service providers. They are independent business people who guard their independence so that they can present their clients with unbiased listings of the best deals.

Think independent insurance agent. The relationship is similar. An independent agent, in this case called a master agency, is a representative of a particular company and licensed to sell their services. They would be just another sales representative except that the independent agent has relationships with many companies. That way they are not bound to present only a single offer. They can show you as many offers as are available for your particular business location.

That sure sounds good, but how much are you going to have to fork over to get these multiple offers. Not a penny. You do not pay for the services of the telecom broker. Their fees are paid by the carriers. Most carriers are happy to do this because they only have to shell out a commission fee when the broker sells one of their services. It's strictly pay for results.

A telecom broker has the latitude to act as a free consultant to your business. You don't even need to know the industry terminology for the service you need. Simply describe what you are trying to accomplish and with what equipment. The broker will scour the available offerings and help you pick the one that gives you the most performance for the least amount of money. Brokers are also aware of new services just on the market and any limited time discounts that happen to be in place.

It's all win and no lose for you, the business manager or owner. You get free help in selecting and ordering the telecom services you need, and at a better price than you can probably find yourself. You'll also have another place to go for support in case your needs change or on the odd chance you have trouble with your service.

So, how do you find such a broker? Arguably the best in the business is Telarus, Inc. They have an extensive group of expert consultants available, with phone coverage 24/7 and easy online inquiries. You'll be able to access them quickly and easily through our T1 Rex GeoQuote(tm) service provided by Telarus. Let them be of assistance right now. Yes, right now!

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