Thursday, October 30, 2008

Free Telecom Consulting Service

How many companies have the budget left to hire consultants these days? Fewer and fewer. Even if you think hiring a particular consultant could result in more money saved than spent, it's hard to justify spending in the first place. So what does a manager or business owner have to do? Wait until sales increase and cash flow improves? No. Just get your consulting help for free.

Free consultants? Where do you get a deal like that? There's a company that specializes in technical consulting related to business telecommunications. All you need to do is enter an online inquiry or call a toll free number and your friendly consultant will be in touch quickly. In fact, if you're working the graveyard shift and need some recommendations on your WAN upgrade project, you can call up and talk to someone immediately.

What sort of consulting is provided? It's limited to telecommunications services, but that covers a lot of territory. Some of the frequently discussed topics include T1 lines, telephone trunking for PBX phone systems, backhaul for wireless Internet service providers, connecting multiple businesses using MPLS networking, LAN extension with Metro Ethernet, integrating voice and data with Integrated T1 or SIP trunking, quickly enabling point of sales terminals with wireless broadband connections, and outsourcing your data center to a colocation facility.

The Telarus experts understand both the technical tradeoffs involved with selecting one service over another and the financial advantages of each approach. They can get you the cost data you need to justify that new project. They'll also recommend the most cost effective solution among available options.

The fact that these consultants are tightly coupled with their counterparts at so many competitive carriers gives them insights that would be hard for you to gain by approaching service providers individually. Telarus consultants know who's running what special deals on what services, so they can get you the best deals in place at any given time.

Fees paid by carriers, not clients, are what enables Telarus to work on your behalf for free. You don't even need to buy anything to take advantage of this service. But you probably will if you need telecom services for any aspect of your business. The prices you obtain from Telarus bandwidth services are more likely than not to offer significant savings over whatever else you can get. That's especially true if you are already under contract and shopping around prior to expiration. You know what you're paying now. Wait till you see how much less it could be next time.

Got a minute? Take advantage of the Telarus GeoQuote(tm) online service finder or call the toll free number you'll find at T1 Rex. Remember, it's free for any serious business user.

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