Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The LG Lotus is Square to Be Hip

Mathematically, PI R Squared. Now cellphones are squared too. At least this avant garde entry into the competitive mobile wireless market is square. It's the LG Lotus LX600 and it packs a lot of power into a uniquely designed messaging phone.

Yes, it's thin. It's light. It's square. But flip it open and you have a full QWERTY keyboard, backlit, in a package just slightly wider than a typical cell phone. Even so, it remains more compact than most messaging smartphones.

Let's see what else you get in the LG Lotus. The advanced digital camera offers 2.0 Megapixel resolution for photos good enough to print as well as send. This camera has 2x digital zoom, a self-timer, and a night mode. It runs in video capture mode to create a camcorder that can record up to an hour's worth of video with QVGA Resolution at 15 frames per second. An hour's worth? Yes, considering that you can plug in memory cards up to 12 GB in size.

This phone runs on the Sprint PCS network and has access to Sprint's EVDO cellular broadband service with up to 700 Kbps download speed. That supports a variety of Web and messaging modes, including mobile Web browsing, multimedia messaging, Email, SMS text messaging and instant messaging. That QWERTY keyboard will get a good workout with the speed of this network.

There's also a built-in MP3 music player and stereo Bluetooth that lets you stream to A2DP compatible devices. GPS services support is included so you can run location based services.

Now you might think that a square phone isn't going to have much battery life. Well, this one does. You get up to 330 minutes talk time. Wow, that's over 5 hours. Plus over a week on standby.

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