Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Accessories After The Fact

The fact is that you've already bought the cell phone you want, or are seriously looking at wireless options. But when you open the box it may not contain all the accessories you wish you had. No problem. We've got a source for all the accessories you can think of at prices up to 80% off.

What type of accessories? Car chargers come first to mind. If you are a professional on the go, you may find that your wireless device is running low on battery power long before you get home to plug it in. Even if you carry the AC charger in your briefcase, you may not have any place to get AC power for any length of time. The solution to this is the car charger. Plug it in your 12 volt accessory socket (the connector formerly known as a cigarette lighter socket) and you can pick up at least a partial charge on your way from place to place.

Or if you do have AC power at your employer's desk, perhaps a second AC charger is in order. Keep your original at home for overnight charging. Get a second compatible charger for the wall socket at work. That way you can keep that power hungry smartphone fully loaded for long periods of use.

How do you handle conversations when you're too occupied to be holding the phone to your ear? A BlueTooth headset is a good option. Sometimes a wired headset will do as well. There are car kits that let you talk hands-free in the car, although its best not be driving distracted. Speaking of car phones, how about a passive repeater to boost the signal strength you get in the vehicle? Haven't heard of these? Better check out the wide array of cellular accessories you can get.

Do you have a perfectly good phone that you love but a battery that won't hold a charge like it used to? Fortunately, replacement batteries aren't that hard to come by. Replace the one that's giving out with a fresh power source and it's almost like having a new phone.

How about protecting your investment? A nice leather case is a handsome accessory. Or select a snap on cover or silicone skin. For easy access to your phone, a belt clip or holster might be just the thing.

Other options include repair parts to fix that broken phone, memory cards, phone straps and data cables. Just about all phones from all carriers are supported. You'll find it easy to browse the selection and find those accessories specific to your cellular phone. In fact, check out the cell phone accessories on sale now. You'll wonder how you've been getting by without them.

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