Sunday, June 19, 2005

Build a Business Web Site in 5 Minutes Flat

You know that websites are essential advertising tools, even for local businesses that don't plan to do any Internet transactions. Web sites are the new Yellow Pages. They're also the new resumes, the new advertising brochures and the new small businesses. Even if you are able to mooch space on free web pages, classified ads, job boards, auction sites, blogs and automatically generated affiliate program sites, at some point you are going to feel the need for your own business website with design and content that you control.

Now the ugly part. Creating your website. The traditional approach is to buy some expensive web design software, get an art program, scrounge graphics from the web or buy a clip art collection, and try to roll your own. Until you get some experience under your belt, the results will probably look like a middle-school science fair project. Then, to add insult to injury, you need to find an affordable web hosting service and figure out how to upload and maintain your masterpiece.

Or, you can do as many frustrated web site owners have done and outsource the whole project. $10,000 later you have a more professional looking web presence and hefty recurring expenses to keep the beast alive. All in the name of being competitive in a more and more Internet based economy. Aren't there ANY better options?

Well, there are now. What would you say if I told you that you could build a more professional looking website in 5 minutes flat than you'll likely do after a month's fiddling with design programs. It might look just as good as you'll get from a professional design house, but without the upfront expense and for under $20 a month complete. Interested?

What I'm talking about is a web based application and hosting service called WebMax Studio. Philosophically, it's a little like a blog in that all the tools you need are online. You don't have to buy any design software, FTP tools or graphics. They're built into the system. What you get are a set of 1,100 professionally designed templates that you use to build your website. They're already designed, so all you do is fill in the blanks to customize a template for your particular needs. It's fill-in-the-blanks and no more difficult that filling in online forms.

How about graphical content? You can upload your own pictures, or you choose from 1,800 stock photos to dress up your site. Page templates are available to build article pages, links, photo albums, feedback forms, contact information, guest book, message board, autoresponder, newsletter mailing list system, FAQ page, calendar, coupons, hours of operation, testimonials, press releases, and shopping cart. That's right. The shopping cart is included. You'll pay a fortune to add this service to web pages you design with software packages.

Your web site comes with 5 email addresses and a domain name based on the WebMax Studio site. You can also order your own custom domain for a small additional fee. Oh, did I mention the free 10 day trial? You don't need to risk a thing to see if this is the right approach for your business. Go ahead, try the service and see what a great looking site you can build in a matter of minutes. If you like it, you've got your web design and hosting service for just $18.95 a month. Plus YOU control the content. You can make additions and updates anytime you want from the convenience of any Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh computer with Internet access.

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