Thursday, August 25, 2005

HP iPAQ HX2415 Pocket PC

Hewlett Packard's iPAQ HX2415 Pocket PC is a venerable PDA style pocket computer with both WiFi and Bluetooth communications built-in. This ability to communicate without an umbilical to a desktop PC makes this wireless device far more than an office peripheral. It's now an easily transportable web-enabled computer.

The inclusion of Bluetooth short range communications allows this IPAQ to connect peer to peer with other wireless devices to create a personal area network within a room or in close quarters outdoors. You'll be able to wirelessly print documents, e-mail, brochures and pictures to a Bluetooth enabled printer. You can also exchange data via infrared beam with other Serial-IR enabled devices.

For connection to the Internet, you'll use the built-in 802.11b WiFi transceiver. This gives you high speed access to browse the Web and to send and receive email. Within the corporate walls, you can connect to your company's closest wireless access point.

The iPAQ HX2415 runs on a 520 MHz Intel processor running Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition software for Pocket PCs. This is your office and personal productivity software designed specifically for mobile devices, such as personal digital assistants. You get Pocket Word for word processing and Pocket Excel for number crunching and financial data. Pocket Outlook has tasks, calendar, contacts and an inbox. Pocket Internet Explorer, also known as PIE, lets you browse the web and switch from portrait to landscape mode as you desire.

Concerned about what might happen if you accidentally leave your HX2415 on a conference table or lose it in the back of a cab? After all, you can be carrying enough proprietary information for a competitor to cause serious problems. Or worse, if we're talking about your personal information. This Pocket PC is protected with HP ProtectTools in collaboration with CREDANT Technologies. You can use a PIN or password to control access. You'll also be able to impose industry standard encryption to protect your stored data.

The HP iPAQ HX2415 includes a 3.5" transreflective TFT display with portrait and landscape modes, an LED backlight and a power saver mode. The screen is protected with a plastic flip cover to avoid scratches. You can access up to 70 MB of user available memory. Expansion includes both an integrated SD memory slot and a CF memory slot. There is also an integrated microphone, speaker and a stereo headphone jack.

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