Saturday, August 20, 2005

Last Call for Packet8 VoIP Discount

Time is running out to get free activation for Packet8 VoIP services. Packet8, a leading provider of residential and business VoIP services, has been running a "hot summer" special offer of free activation on its Broadband Phone service, Virtual Office business service, and Uniden Whole House VoIP phone system. That's a $29.95 value for Broadband Phone and Uniden Whole House VoIP and a $39 value for Virtual Office. But, you must take advantage of this offer before midnight PDT on September 30, or you'll miss out.

Packet8's residential Broadband Phone service is just $19.95 a month for unlimited U.S. and Canada calls for residents of the United States. If you live outside of the U.S., you can get up to 1,000 minutes of calling to U.S. and Canadian phone number for $19.95 a month. Special packages are also available if you make calls to international phone numbers.

The Uniden Whole House VoIP telephone is a new telephone that has a built-in router specially designed to improve the quality of VoIP phone calls. For $159, you get a base station phone plus a wireless extension. You can have up to 10 cordless handsets on this system, avoiding the need to run wires between rooms. Unlimited calling is just $19.95 a month

Note that you have unlimited worldwide calling to other Packet8 subscribers included with your service. That's one big advantage of VoIP telephone services that use the Internet to transport phone calls.

The Business VoIP service plan offers 2,000 calling minutes to anyone in the 50 US states and Canada, and unlimited minutes to Packet8 subscribers world wide for just $34.95 a month.

If your business has 3 or more telephone extensions, consider Packet8 Virtual Office service. It's a hosted PBX service that gives you the ability to easily call other extensions, or forward, conference and transfer calls. You buy a special business phone and broadband adaptor for $99 and then pay $39.95 a month per extension for phone service. This includes unlimited U.S. local and long distance calling, plus unlimited calls to any of your extensions located anywhere in the world. Voice mail is included. Before you go out and buy an expensive PBX system and any telephone system, take a close look at Packet8 Virtual Office. You're likely to find it considerably less expensive when you run the capital and operating expense numbers.

An option for Virtual Office is the Switchboard Service Software. It turns a PC into a switchboard console to work with your Packet8 Virtual Office service. Order now and you also get your first month and activation free on Switchboard orders, for a limited time only. That's an additional $29.90 value.

Take advantage of the special free activation offer on the Packet8 service of your choice before the end of September. Learn more and order your Packet8 VoIP Phones and Services now.

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