Saturday, November 26, 2005

Samsung T309 Instantly Free Cell Phone

We're sorry, but the Samsung T309 is no longer available. What are the hottest cell phone deals available right now, including free cell phones? Use the Cell Phone Plan Finder to check out the top phones and associated wireless service plans.

If you've been wanting a new cell phone but don't like the idea of paying big bucks to get a decent one with your next cellular contract, we've got the deal for you. The new Samsung T309 is yours for zero dollars. This is not a rebate offer. You get the phone shipped to you in 2 days via FedEx and your cost today is zip.

Sounds good, right? It's a great deal on a phone that has everything you'll use every day, and then some. First of all, this is a small, lightweight phone that fits easily in your pocket and won't feel like you're hauling a boat anchor around. It's just 3 oz. and roughly the size of a business card.

Flip open the sharp looking case on the Samsung T309 and you'll find the color main display with 128 x 160 pixels and capable of showing over 65,000 colors. It's just right for showing the pictures you'll send or receive. Yes, this cellphone is also a digital camera capable of VGA quality photos that you can print or send. This camera also works in video capture mode so your can take short video clips as well as stills.

Need to make a conference call with several other people at your table? No problem. Turn on the speakerphone and you'll all be talking hands-free. Or just use it for yourself, when holding a phone is inconvenient or you want to be doing something else like checking out a web page while you talk.

Close up your T309 and you'll see the handy external display that shows date, time, signal strength and battery life. You'll have lots of battery life. Talk time is rated up to 270 minutes or 4 1/2 hours. You can put your phone on standby for up to 233 hours, which is well over 9 days.

The Samsung has all sorts of other niceties, too. You get text messaging and multimedia messaging capability, preloaded games, downloadable ringtones and graphics, to-do list, calculator, calendar, and a phone book with up to 1,000 contacts. Good things do come in small packages.

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