Sunday, November 27, 2005

Motorola i530y Rugged Cell Phone Free

Note: The i530y described in this article is no longer available. Please check out the current selection of phones and plans at Cell Phone Plans Finder.

Are you hard on cell phones? Do they just slip out of your fingers? Fall off the desk? Well, here's a cell phone for you, butter fingers. It's the Motorola i530y. The "y" stands for yellow. You won't be losing track of this phone anytime soon. Not with that screaming yellow case.

Hey, if you like the great outdoors this is also the perfect cell phone for you. The tough rubber overmold makes it easy to grip and hard to drop. If it does slip away, you'll find it easily. Why? Because it's yellow! That's why. If your job involves a pickup truck or tools of any kind you're also a good candidate for a Motorola i530y. It can take the abuse that will crush wimpier phones. In fact, it meets tough military standards and you know the military doesn't like anything wimpy.

Your i530y is a perfect match with Nextel Direct Connect wireless service. This is the PTT push to talk or walkie-talkie service that Nextel is famous for. No time to wait for busy signals? No problem. Just push the button and the party you want will instantly hear your voice. It's like a two-way radio but without the distance limitations or bulky transmitters. You can use Direct Connect to talk instantly with any other Nextel customer locally or anywhere in the country.

You also have a built-in speakerphone so you can make your calls hands-free or let your group in on the discussion.

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