Friday, December 02, 2005

Samsung D307 is Built For Messaging

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The Samsung D307 looks like a little computer, makes calls like a cell phone, and transcribes your messages like a stenographer. It's a phone that is designed for anyone who loves messaging.

Lots of phones will let you send and receive text messages. It's usually a bit awkward, since you are limited to a few keys that have to serve multiple functions. Your other choice is to lug around one of those PDA style phones that are pretty big for your pocket. Now there's a flip-phone that's not much larger than a business card. Yet, it sports a backlit QWERTY keyboard and a rectangular display that swivels into a horizontal mode.

When closed, your Samsung D307 looks like any other clamshell cell phone. On the outside of the case you'll find an external display with important information such as date, time, signal strength and battery life. Flip it open and the top part of the case shows a large main color display of 176 x 220 pixels. Make calls the usual way, or use the speakerphone for hands free discussions. Or clip a Bluetooth headset on your ear and make private calls without any cord tangle.

The real excitement with this phone comes when it's time to send a text message. You twist the display around on its swivel so that it is positioned horizontally above the keyboard. It looks just like a miniature notebook computer with display on top and keyboard in front. Compose your messages quickly and easily using the QWERTY keyboard. Or, let the D307 take dictation. Yes. The built-in voice to text conversion lets you orate while the phone converts your words into text. Even if you don't like being dictated to, this phone loves it.

The D307 really is a small computer that communicates data on the Cingular EDGE cellular broadband network. In additional to standard text messaging, it has instant messaging and email software built-in. You can also access the Internet using the mobile web browser. All this technology, plus talk time of up to 300 minutes or 5 hours.

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