Friday, March 03, 2006

Lawsuit Over. Get Your Free BlackBerry PDA

BlackBerry PDA users rejoice! The nail-biting showdown between Research In Motion and NTP Inc. that threatened to end Blackberry life as we know it is over. A settlement has been reached, as described in an Associated Press story from iWon News. One might say that RIM blinked, paying NTP over $600 million. But shares of RIM stock shot up 19% once the settlement was announced.

So who's the real winner? YOU are! That's because you can now purchase the BlackBerry phone that you've been wanting, with confidence that you won't be getting shut down or inconvenienced by that awful BlackBerry lawsuit mess.

The BlackBerry 7100g is designed for mobile professionals, with fully integrated corporate-friendly email automatically received by this device. It has quad-band GSM network capability, viewer software for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint plus WordPerfect and Adobe PDF attachments, HTML Web browsing, and Bluetooth wireless communications for hands free voice conversations.

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