Monday, March 06, 2006

RIM BlackBerry 7100i For Nextel Special

This BlackBerry for Nextel wireless service offers something unique in PDA cell phones: Push-to-Talk. Yes, the BlackBerry 7100i supports Nextel's legendary DirectConnect Push-to-Talk communications. Want to reach someone immediately? Push the PTT button and you're talking to them right now.

The RIM Blackberry 7100i is a full-featured business communications solution for mobile professionals. Fully integrated corporate-friendly email is automatically pushed to your 7100i. The email client comes with attachment viewer software for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. An HTML browser gives you access to Web documents.

You'll love the sleek new look of the BlackBerry 7100i. It has a taller rather than square profile and measures 4.7 x 2.3 x 0.8 inches. That package supports a large color screen and SureType advanced QWERTY keyboard for effortless text composition.

Did I mention that the 7100i is also a cell phone? It is, indeed. It will be a pleasure to hold for voice conversations but you also have the option to use a Bluetooth headset for hands-free operation. A speakerphone is included too. This cell phone operates on the Nextel network with lets you use it for conventional phone calls or in walkie-talkie mode with other Nextel PTT phones. Talk time is a generous 240 minutes with standby up to 192 hours or 8 days.

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