Sunday, May 14, 2006

Cellular Broadband is Mobile and Reliable

Frustrated with DSL and Cable Internet outages? Can't quite bring yourself to pony up for a T1 line? And wouldn't it be nice to be able to take your Internet with you without having to hop from one WiFi hotspot to another? Have you considered cellular broadband lately? It's reliable, available and relatively cheap.

Hey, wait a second. Those Internet enabled phones are cool, but most of us need access to a full size laptop computer to run a serious business. Is there such a thing as a laptop cell phone?

In a strange sort of way there is. The Lenovo T60 is a laptop computer with built-in networking capability over the Verizon EV-DO broadband network. I wouldn't call it a cell phone. Even if it had voice capability, your arm would give out trying to hold it up to your ear. No, this is a cellular broadband enabled computer. You can use WiFi communications where available. Otherwise you can connect to the cellular network for Internet access.

There are other computers now coming with cellular broadband built-in, but the rest of us only need to install an adaptor card in the expansion slot of our computers and we're in business. You can even get this card free with your service.

Cellular broadband is available from most of the major carriers now, including Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and Cingular. Unbeknownst to many people is the fact that those cell towers you see everywhere are providing Internet access as well as phone calls. The two most popular cellular systems, GSM and CDMA, are completely digital to begin with. It's not too technically difficult to assign some of the available channels to send Internet data instead of voice.

Think about it. Wireless Internet service just about everywhere is a reality today and for not much more than you'll spend on consumer grade wired broadband services. If you need point of sale, electronic data transfer or Internet service to support a group of professionals who mostly work at their desks, then a T1 Line is probably your best option.

But what if it's just you as a individual or consultant and you want to take your Internet with you? What if you have a sales force that is mostly calling on clients? Perhaps a mobile solution makes more sense than something wired to the desktop.

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