Monday, May 15, 2006

Lower Up Front Prices for Cingular Motorola RAZR Razor Phones

The Motorola RAZR V3 "Razor" is the cell phone that started the high tech revolution in mobile phones. Before the RAZR, you either bought a basic clamshell with few features or shelled out the big bucks for an advanced technology "mobile device" that was more computer than telephone. Motorola completely changed the rules with its razor edge RAZR technology platform.

First, the shell is completely different than other phones. It's die cast aircraft grade aluminum to give it the strength and rigidity that houses and protects the circuitry, in a package only a half-inch thick. Other cell phones are typically twice as thick using plastic housings.

Another advancement is the ultra thin precision crafted feather touch keyboard. It looks more like a an etched circuit board than a matrix of buttons. A light touch on its backlit surface is all that is needed to dial a number or access other functions.

Have a look at the color display. It's enormous at 2.2 inches. Compared to the average cell phone screen, this one looks more like a small television. In a way it is. The Motorola RAZR offers support for streaming multimedia in the MPEG 4 format. You also have a built-in digital camera with a self-timer and 4x digital zoom.

Another breakthrough in the RAZR family of phones is the inclusion of Bluetooth communications. Bluetooth lets you clip one of those little wireless headsets on your ear and put the phone back in your pocket. People may think you are talking to yourself, but you have the convenience of hands-free communications wherever you happen to be. That can be important when you're on the go or trying to do several things at once.

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