Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Samsung A900 "Blade" Special Savings Offer

The Samsung A900 is one hot multimedia phone and a direct competitor to the popular Motorola RAZR.

Let's compare the A900 and the RAZR V3 Black. The innovation that made the Motorola RAZR such a phenomenon is its thin profile. Most cell phones are around an inch thick when closed. The Motorola RAZR measures 0.50 inches, about half as thick. It's square shell design also gives it a cool, commanding look. It's so cutting edge that it received the nickname "razor."

Now let's look at the Samsung A900. It also has a thin black shell with that cool squared-off look. Measure the thickness of the phone and you'll find it to be 0.57 inches, just slightly thicker than the RAZR. They look so similar that the A900 has been dubbed the "blade" to compete with the "razor."

So are these phones essentially equals? Not really. The A900 has a 1.3 megapixel camera versus the RAZR's lower resolution VGA camera. The camera has PictBridge capability so you can print pictures right from your camera with printers that support PictBridge technology.

The screen on the A900 is slightly larger and also has higher resolution. This makes the pictures you take look sharper, but is also included to support streaming video. You can watch on-demand TV or listen to music via Sprint TV or the Sprint Music Store. These services are made possible through the high speed data download capability of the Samsung A900. It connects to the Sprint EV-DO 3rd generation cellular broadband network.

As a bonus feature, the A900 includes an MP3 music player with dedicated front mounted buttons. A stereo headset is included with the phone. Take your favorite tunes with you instead of toting a separate music player.

Both the Samsung A900 and the Motorola RAZR have Bluetooth communications capability so you can use a hands-free headset for safety and convenience.

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