Sunday, July 30, 2006

BlackBerry Summer Time Special Bonus

OK. Everybody sing: "Summertime, summertime, BlackBerry summertime..."

So what do summer and BlackBerries have in common? Oh, just a special bonus offer available for a limited time (now expired) when you order your BlackBerry mobile device through our online cellular store. You'll have to hurry, though . When summer goes, so goes this offer. Maybe even sooner.

Now, here's what you get. It's a gift certificate with your BlackBerry phone shipment that contains instructions and a coupon code to redeem for one of two bonus gifts. You get to choose. You can have either an XM RoadyXT Satellite Receiver or BlackBerry accessory pack.

The XM Roady receiver includes everything you need to do an easy 10 minute self-installation of the Roady in your car. The receiver is free, but you'll need to order XM Radio service and activation yourself. That's not included. But's a FREE Satellite radio receiver for your vehicle!

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