Friday, July 28, 2006

Katana Gives Sanyo the Cutting Edge

Katana is the legendary Samurai Sword of Japan's feudal knights. It was the "cutting edge" of technology in the Middle Ages. Today's Katana is the moniker of a new line of cell phones, intended to be the cutting edge where cell phone technology meets fashion.

The new Sanyo Katana line of phones is based on a thin, sculpted package that challenges the ground breaking slim profile of the Motorola RAZR phones. The ultraslim Katana measures 0.58 inches viewed edgewise. Other dimensions are 3.88 in. x 2.02 in. All in all, the Katana isn't too much larger than a standard business card.

Within this compact package, the Sanyo Katana includes a very large 2.2 inch QVGA TFT LCD main display that is capable of rendering over 65,000 colors. A smaller 1 inch version of this display is mounted on the outside cover of the phone to show important information such as signal strength and battery life.

You'll enjoy having such a large brilliant main display for viewing the pictures you take with the built-in VGA quality digital camera. It includes flash and digital zoom to make your picture-taking more versatile. There are dedicated internal and external camera shutter keys. You can shared those great snapshots with Sprint PictureMail multimedia messaging. SMS text messaging is also supported.

Internet access is made possible by an included WAP 2.0 Web browser and an email client.

Hands free operation is popular and the Katana cell phone line gives you the latest features. Bluetooth communications is included so that you can clip a compact wireless headset on your ear and slip your phone back in your pocket or bag. You also have the option to turn on the built-in speakerphone and converse like you would on an office phone. Voice activated dialing requires no phone pre-training, an advanced voice recognition technology.

Other handy features include voice memos. You can record up to 12 lasting different messages. A message can be up to 18 seconds long. You also get 16 pre-loaded ringtones and the ability to download more. You can further customize your Katana with downloadable graphics. The generous phone book stores up to 500 contacts with 7 entries per contact, including Web and Email addresses.

How about the quality of Sanyo phones? You should know that Sanyo has been rated "highest in customer satisfaction with wireless mobile phones" for the 3rd year in a row by J.D Power and Associates, the respected customer satisfaction research company. Factors studied included physical design, operation, features, handset durability and battery function. So if someone tries to offer you an inferior cell phone, just Sanyo!

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