Thursday, August 02, 2007

XO Communications Nears Tbps National Network

If there is any doubt in your mind that the widely discussed bandwidth glut of the great telecom boom in the late 90's has all but evaporated, this news should make it clear. XO communications is implementing an upgrade of its national backbone that was just upgraded last year. The core fiber bandwidth is being extended from 400 Gbps to 800 Gbps on major coast to coast network routes. Just another 200 Gbps and we're talking Terabit/second bandwidth.

Is near-Tbps bandwidth really needed? Apparently so. XO cites a 5x increase in orders for high capacity inter-city network transport services within the last year. Inter-city and metro transport demands are coming from telecom carriers, cable companies, content providers, large enterprises and wireless companies. These major users will then deploy that bandwidth in smaller fractions to serve B2B and B2C applications, including connectivity to branch offices and SMBs (small to medium size businesses). Applications such as VoIP, HD video, video streaming, rich multimedia content, and faster broadband Internet services all sop up bandwidth at a prodigious rate. A Gigabit per second just isn't the cornucopia it used to be.

XO is being smart about their implementation. The plan is to light two new fiber strands using the Infinera DTN system that was deployed last year as part of the network upgrade to 400 Gbps. The 800 Gbps will be organized as 80 10-Gbps channels running over 18,000 route-miles of the nationwide network. XO's inter-city network currently connects 75 major metropolitan areas across the United States.

Fiber optic services offered by XO include Ethernet from GigE to 10 Gbps, IP transit and private line services from OC-3 to OC-192 and wavelength services at 2.5 Gbps and 10 Gbps speeds. XO also offers a complete suite of business services, with over 3,000 fiber-fed buildings on net, plus copper and wireless connectivity including traditional T1 voice and data services. Beyond connectivity, XO offers managed firewalls, VPNs and server collocation hosting.

If your business currently uses or would benefit from digital telephony, dedicated Internet service or point-to-point connectivity, we cordially invite you to discover how services from XO Communications and other competitive telecommunications carriers can give you the connections you need at surprisingly attractive rates. Simply call the toll free number or enter an easy online request through our service.

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