Monday, January 28, 2008

Buy Convergence By The Byte

XO Communications is changing the game on legacy telecommunication carriers by offering IP Network services priced by amount of bandwidth used rather than number of lines or channels in service. What's putting the nail in the coffin of TDM based telephony services is both a switch to an IP based network and the use of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for telephone trunking. By starting with a packet switched network and then transmitting everything in packet protocol, voice and data traffic is easily combined on a single circuit.

Convergence, the idea of using a single network for voice, video and data, is an idea that has been gaining popularity with IT departments looking to simplify network management. It's also popular with executives eying potential cost reductions as networks are merged. The fly in the ointment has been the abrupt disconnect between the local area network and wide area network services. With IP inside the plant and TDM outside, there's an exercise in protocol conversion and call termination needed to make everything work.

XO is changing that paradigm with its IPfolio. Two things make IPfolio different from industry practice. First is that a suite of IP services all run on a single underlying network so seamlessly that you can mix and match at will to create a custom solution for your operation. It's something like a telecom buffet. You can choose from an IP VPN to connect multiple business sites, SIP based telephone trunking for your IP PBX phone system, and dedicated Internet access with dynamic bandwidth allocation. Voice is treated as a data application, the real secret to network convergence.

The second unique feature of IPfolio, and perhaps the more disruptive to the industry, is that your services are priced by how many Mbps you use, not feature by feature or even by service bundles. You can scale the bandwidth you need between 1.5 and 45 Mbps. Within that range, you'll get unlimited local calling and site to site calls between company locations. It is SIP based VoIP telephony, so you are not limited by channel allocations or phone "lines". Pack as many calls as will fit into the bandwidth you are paying for. This service is compatible with leading PBX systems, including those from Cisco, Avaya and other suppliers. Optional services include long distance plans sized from 2K to 40K minutes per month.

The XO MPLS IP-VPN portion of the IPfolio is an MPLS network solution with VPN capabilities to connect multiple business locations securely. It's set up for multiple classes of services to ensure that applications run smoothly and that large data downloads don't disrupt real-time voice communications.

The XO IPfolio tries to encompass all of the communications services that businesses need and offer them with a pricing structure more geared to IP based telecommunications. IPfolio was introduced in 2007 in selected cities and is now available nationwide.

If you think that your company might benefit from converged IP services or more cost effective traditional line services, let our team of expert consultants get you competitive quotes tailored to your needs. You might be surprised by how much you can save over your current solutions.

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