Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Negotiating T1 Line Prices

Your T1 line contract is expiring soon, or perhaps you are going out to contract for your first T1 lease to support a PBX telephone system or business broadband connection. So, how do you negotiate with the carriers to get the best deal?

Unless you are an expert at this, the best advise is don't do it. Oh, it seems easy enough. Just open the phone book, find telecommunications service providers and set them to bidding against each other. Or, if that's too much work then simply call up the telephone company and tell them you want a discount off their price list.

If you take the do-it-yourself approach, you may feel like you've gotten the best market price through crafty negotiation. But, have you? Not likely. The reason is that you'll probably deal with only one or a few providers. They'll have the upper hand because, as a single business, you have limited leverage. You may also not know to ask about possible cost savings options such as fractional T1 service, Integrated voice and data or Metro Ethernet.

Here's a better idea. Let an expert do your negotiating for you at no charge. So how do you hire a consultant who won't bill you and arm and a leg per hour or charge a fee based on how much you order? There's an entire group of them available through the Shop For T1 service at T1 Rex. They won't charge you a penny to help you find the best deal on the telecom services you need. What's more, the contract price you'll pay will be as good or better than you can do yourself. Likely much better because they have access to over a dozen carriers and services that include T1, PRI, DS3, OCx, Ethernet, Satellite, and Wireless service options.

In addition to technical and marketing experience in the telecommunications field, the Shop For T1 consultants have access to patented search software that lets them quickly query carrier databases to compare rates applicable for your business location. As master agents, they also have access to the latest special discount offers from each carrier and know how soon they expire. If you have special circumstances or multiple locations that might each need a different optimized solution, the consultants can work with their carrier representatives to put together a unique service package for you.

You can get in this valuable service right now, without having to spend a penny or take more than a few minutes out of your day. Simply enter your needs into the GeoQuote (tm) search form at T1 Rex and get a quick online quote in a matter of seconds. A Shop For T1 consultant will be happy to discuss the results and let you know of any special deals that might also be applicable.

Doesn't really make sense to go it alone, does it?

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