Thursday, July 31, 2008

Know the Lingo to Save Money

If you want to be successful with any technology, you need to know the lingo. The world of VoIP telephony is no different. Actually it is. There is a Lingo as well as lingo.

Lingo the company and product, not lingo the vernacular, is a broadband phone service with offerings for both residential and business users. These offers are intended to save users considerable cost versus conventional wireline telephone service, especially if you have reason to call overseas from the United States.

Let's take a look at the residential plans first. You can choose from Chatter Box, Global Gabber, Lingo Link, Small Talk, South Asia, Talk 365, and LatAM SaveMore. Gotta love those names.

Chatter Box is the featured plan. It's priced at $21.95 a month. For that you get unlimited calling to numbers in the US and Canada. Sounds similar to other VoIP services on the market. But, Chatter Box also gives you unlimited calling to UK, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Finland, Austria, Luxembourg, Norway, Vatican City, Portugal, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, & South Korea as well. If you have friends or relatives in any of these countries, you'll have a hard time beating this deal.

LatAM Save More is the same price, but gives you unlimited calling to US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Caracas, & Rio de Janeiro. LatAM being Latin America, of course.

South Asia gives you unlimited calling to the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. But the 2.9 cent per minute long distance rates to India and Bangladesh are what make this plan truly special.

The lowest cost residential plan is appropriately called Small Talk. This one is for the person who wants home phone service but isn't a heavy user. You get 500 minutes to call anywhere in the US, Canada or Puerto Rico. You only pay $14.95 a month. Let's see the phone company beat that.

Business calling plans start at $39.5 a month for 500 minutes to the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, and go up to $79.95 for unlimited calling to US, Canada, UK, Puerto Rico, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Finland, Luxembourg, Norway, Australia, Vatican City, Portugal, New Zealand, China, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong & Taiwan. If you do business internationally, I don't see how you can miss with this service.

Business plans differ from residential plans in that they include the Lingo Office Assistant. This is software in the form of a toolbar that's added to Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer. With it, you can make calls directly from your desktop, access voicemail, and set up your cell phone or home phone to be your business phone.

Wired Magazine named Lingo as it's Editor's Pick for a VoIP telephone service. They describe domestic calls as sounding superb, which is not always the case with phone services that share a broadband connection with your computer.

Is Lingo right for you? Learn more about the Lingo service plans and the many, many included features. Also check prices and special offers, which are always subject to change in this competitive business. If you like what you see, go ahead and sign up quickly and easily online. You have a 30 day money back guarantee from Lingo to ensure your satisfaction with their service.

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