Thursday, September 04, 2008

Audio Interview With Adam Edwards

Arguably the most innovating telecommunications marketing company to come along since the big telecom buildout of the 1990's, Telarus, Inc. has revolutionized the way businesses shop for T1, Ethernet, and other high speed line services.

Special Audio Report. Click Here to Listen.I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Adam Edwards, president of Telarus, to ask him to explain what is making Telarus such a powerhouse among master agencies. Rather than transcribe his remarks, I decided to post an MP3 recording so you can hear what Adam has to say for yourself.

To listen to this first edition of our audio reports, simply click on this link to our Audio Interview with Adam Edwards, Part I. It should start playing in whichever audio client you have selected for MP3s on your computer. Or you can listen using this built-in audio player:

You can access any of the services Telarus has to offer through our site at Simply call the toll free number you find there or enter a quick online inquiry through the Shop For T1 search box. For T1 voice and data lines, you'll get price quotes instantly online. For higher bandwidth services, a product specialist will be in touch with options and special pricing offers.
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