Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Adam Edwards Interview Part II

A short while ago, I had the opportunity to enjoy a dinner conversation with Adam Edwards, president of Telarus, Inc. Adam graciously let me interview him on my Zoom H2 Handy Recorder so that I could share the experience with you.

Special Audio Report. Click Here to Listen.In Part I of our interview, I asked Adam to explain the philosophy that has made Telarus a phenomenon in the world of business telecommunications services. Just 5 years ago the company was launched with its groundbreaking GeoQuote (tm) instant pricing search engine. Since then it has become arguably the most important master agency in the field, with top awards from the carriers to prove it.

In this audio report, I ask Adam to explain the range of services that Telarus offers and why they are important to you, the customer. To listen, you can click on this link to our Audio Interview with Adam Edwards, Part II. It should start playing in the MP3 audio client on your computer. Or, if you wish, simply listen online using this built-in audio player:

Remember, you can access any of the services Telarus has to offer through our site at T1Rex.com. Simply call the toll free number you find there or enter a quick online inquiry through the Shop For T1 search box. For T1 voice and data lines, you'll get price quotes instantly online. For higher bandwidth services, a product specialist will be in touch with options and special pricing offers.
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