Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Supplement Your Income

Money's tight and getting tighter. Jobs are in short supply and even those considered safe last year may not be next year. Other than shaking in your boots, what can you do?

How about getting another income stream going? You can use it to build up a rainy day fund, make up for expense increases or loss of investment income, and at least have a little something going if your worst nightmares come true at work.

People with a technical and/or business background are well positioned to supplement their incomes with what has traditionally been called a "side business." You have your main job and then you have an after-hours venture, paying hobby, or start-up business that generates additional income.

But doesn't it take a lot of time and effort to get a business off the ground? You bet it does. Anything that's worth your while and is sustainable is going to take some doing to get started. That's why it's much better to begin long before you're desperate. There isn't much you can do today that will put food on the table tomorrow. But there is a lot you can do now that will pay off handsomely in the months and years ahead.

I've got two good opportunities for you that meet the requirements of being real, legitimate business ventures that don't require much, if anything, in the way of start-up capital and can generate serious income over time. One works best for technical professionals who already have a main or side business in computers or business phone systems. The other works well for those who have an online presence or are good face to face networkers.

If you are already doing consulting work in a technical field or acting as a business consultant or independent sales rep, or have a business selling computer, networking, or telephone equipment, then the VAR Network is right for you. You may already recognize the term VAR as Value Added Reseller. That means you have a relationship with one or more equipment vendors and are authorized to sell on their behalf. Professional IT gear fits this description. But it can also mean a computer store or even someone who fixes equipment after hours for businesses around town.

The VAR Network gives you two things: Free leads for your business services from prospects in your area and the ability to sell business telecom line services such as T1 lines, Ethernet connections, PBX telephone trunks, and the like, without having to pay any fees to add these services to your offerings. You'll be paid monthly residual commissions on services your clients buy based on leads you submit. You'll also get leads from clients who need what you have to offer. Learn more about joining the VAR Network now.

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