Monday, December 08, 2008

Free International Phone Calls

In these depressed economic times, what's the word you really long to hear? I know... FREE. Did you know that you can make international phone calls for free until the end of this year, 2008?

Well, you can with a special promotional offer from Phone Power. They're doing this to promote their highly competitive business and residential VoIP telephone services. If you're a heavy user of international minutes, you'll want to jump on this deal as soon as you can. But even when the promotion expires or you just want domestic phone service, I think you'll find that Phone Power is a really good deal.

Let's see where you can call for free this holiday season. This offer applies only to landline destinations in this list of countries and their calling codes:

United Kingdom (44)
Spain (34)
Ireland (353)
Israel (972)
Germany (49)
Singapore (65)
France (33)
Denmark (45)
Greece (30)
Italy (39)
China (86)

China? Free calls to China? Yes. I know that seems fantastic when not so long ago you could pay a buck a minute or more to make calls to China. Hey, I remember when calling Europe would set you back a week's pay. Well, friends, now you can call these destinations for free this month.

Of course, you'll need a Phone Power account to make these free calls. Residential plans start at a promotional price of $9.95 a month for virtually unlimited inbound and outbound service. There's a prepay plan that gives you 2 lines for 2 years for $200. Are they kidding? That's under $5 a line per month.

No, I just checked the site. They're not kidding. That service includes over 25 features such as caller ID, find me - follow me, E911, music on hold, call forwarding, voice mail and a lot more. Other pricing plans start at 500 minutes for a regular price of $17.95 a month and a promotional offer of $9.95 a month.

How about business plans? Virtually unlimited monthly calling is available for $39.95 a month. I say virtually unlimited because after 5,000 outbound minutes are used, you pay a 2 cent per minute overage cost. Now that's for both local and continential US long distance calls. Compare that with what your local telco will ding you for just local business service. Phone Power business lines also have an extensive feature set and qualify for an auto-attendant and music on-hold.

If your business is larger than just a couple of desk phones in a tiny office, you may want the advantage of a hosted PBX system. This is the type of telephone system that you've been spoiled by if you've ever worked for a major corporation. With the Phone Power hosted PBX you can have dozens or even hundreds of extensions and they don't even have to be in the same building. That's one of the big advantages of VoIP telephony. With a hosted service you don't have to buy or maintain a central telephone system. That's all taken care of for you.

Phone Power is clearly out to get your business. They certainly seem deserving with their low prices and extensive features. If you want the 2008 free international calling deal, or even if you don't, it is well worth your while to give Phone Power a closer look. They could save you bundle on your telephone expenses.

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