Wednesday, February 25, 2009

600,000 Inquiries, No Waiting

Don't you hate the amount of time and frustration it takes to buy anything significant? How about telecommunications services? The worst, right? If you're not totally confused by who to call, you're stuck with music on hold. Or they ask you to fill out a form and wait a couple of weeks for an answer. Like I said, the worst.

Well, forget all that nonsense. How would you like to find out how much a T1 line is going to cost or if there is Metro Ethernet service nearby in less than a minute? How would you like to be able to do that any time, day or night? Well, you can. The service is available all the time, it's online and it's automatic. That means no waiting for someone to "get around to you."

GeoQuote Real Time Quote Engine. Click to use.The service is referring to is called GeoQuote (tm), the patented telecom pricing application that's revolutionized how business people buy voice and data telecom services. Let's give it a try right now. Don't worry, its take less time to generate a T1 line quote than to read the rest of this article. Start by visiting our T1 Rex site hosting the GeoQuote engine. Click and it will open in a new page or tab.

Select your service type from the drop down menu in the Shop For T1 box. "Data" is already selected, but you can change that to "Voice" for digital telephone line services such as ISDN PRI for your PBX system. Or select "Integrated Service" if you'd like to have both telephone and Internet service brought in on a single line. That often saves money for smaller businesses.

Fill-in the other blanks, which should only take a few seconds. Be sure to list your business landline number for the main phone. This is used by the system to determine service availability and price, so don't put in a cell number unless you've got a new location that doesn't have landline phone service yet. When done click on the "Step 2" button.

On the next page you have an opportunity to refine the type of service you are looking for. T1 is selected, but you can change that if you want Frame Relay, Server Colocation, DS3, ISDN Service, or even Fixed Wireless Broadband. There's a comment box available. It's not needed for automatic quotes on services such as T1, ISDN PRI or DS3. But it does provide helpful detail to the Shop For T1 consultants to help you get the best pricing, even on services you didn't know were available.

Fill in the box showing the installation address (business location, as these services aren't generally suitable for home users), select if you'd like quotes to include a router or not, specify new or existing service, and number of locations. You can also specify if you'd like someone to call you immediately, contact by email or if you are just window shopping. When done, click on the "continue" button.

Within a matter of seconds, you'll get a page displaying line prices for your particular location. These are highly accurate and represent prices you'll actually pay for 1, 2 or 3 year leases. The consultant who calls may know of special offers that run for a limited time, so you could actually pay less than what the screen says.

That's it for the general GeoQuote inquiry. There's another version that's targeted specifically for finding Metro Ethernet service. All you need to input is an address and you'll get a map showing the nearest locations with fiber optic connections. The closer they are, the more chance you have of getting Ethernet, Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet service at very reasonable prices. Try the Ethernet Buildings search now and see for yourself. It's also fully automated and available 24/7.

Now wasn't that a much more pleasant experience that what you usually go through to get pricing on business voice and data services? Over 600,000 other users feel the same way. Be sure to bookmark those GeoQuote search engine pages. You may want to come back and price another service later.

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