Friday, February 06, 2009

Try VoIP Phone Service For Under $10 a Month

Have you ever wished you could try one of the new VoIP telephone services to see if you'd like it better than your old landline? You've seen the ads. Sound pretty good, don't they. The bundled local and long distance service is on one bill. You get lots of features without getting nickle and dimed. International rates are just a few pennies a minute to many countries. You know what your bill is going to be and it's a lot less than you're paying now.

So why don't you just go ahead and make the switch? Well, you may not be all that sure if you're really going to like the service or if it will even work properly with your broadband connection. Perhaps you're just averse to signing long term contracts, especially when the vendor wants $40 or $50 a month for their phone service package. Isn't there a way to put a toe in the water and give VoIP a try without getting into the whole commitment thing?

You bet there is. What you are looking for is no contract VoIP service from Phone Power. There are plans for both business addresses and residential addresses. Please note that the under $10 promotional offer available when this article was first posted has expired. However, you can still get excellent plan pricing from Phone Power

These aren't stripped down calling plans, either. You get all the great features such as Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 3-Way Conference Calling, Voicemail and Find Me Follow Me, among others. You may be paying extra fees each month to use these features on your current service. With PhonePower they are all included with your service package.

So, how do you hookup this VoIP service? The idea behind VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is that it uses your broadband Internet connection in place of traditional telephone wires to connect you to your phone service provider. Actually, you'll be sharing your broadband between your computer and your telephone. The way that's done is with an ATA or Analog Telephone Adapter, a box that converts your regular telephone into the digital format needed to connect to the Internet. PhonePower leases one of those boxes to you at no cost as long as you maintain your service.

Note that this type of VoIP Service does not require your computer to be on to receive or make phone calls. It doesn't hook into your computer at all, it just shares the Internet connection. As long as your broadband service is running, you'll have phone service.

One thing you do need is the right Internet connection. For VoIP that is DSL or Cable Broadband for most residential users. You can also use fiber optic Internet service if you happen to have that. In business offices you may have a T1 dedicated connection or higher speed service. All of these are suitable. Dial-Up access is too slow to work at all. Satellite Internet results in choppy and delayed conversations. Wireless Internet services may either prohibit VoIP service or have other limitations.

So, are you more interested in giving VoIP phone service a try? If your curiosity is piqued, then get all the details on features and terms of service and sign up if you wish for PhonePower VoIP digital telephone service.

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