Monday, February 09, 2009

Technicians at Your Beck and Call

With the economy on the rocks, having even one full time technician on your staff can be a luxury for smaller companies. Does that mean that you have to put off the telephone and network upgrades and maintenance you really need? Or settle for hiring somebody who isn't very skilled but works cheap? No way. Not when you can have technicians at your beck and call without having them on your staff.

The trick is to hire contractors, but not just any contractors. What you want are pre-screened professionals who are capable and experienced in exactly the service you need. You don't put them on salary. You have them bid on the job and then pay for only the specific work you want done. Often you'll get a package deal. You buy the equipment and the installation, setup and training services on contract and get one special price. You can get wireline services, such as T1 lines or SIP trunks, along with your hardware so you know everything is going to work perfectly before the technicians turns it over to you. In some cases, you'll find several eager contractors anxious to bid on the same job. Lucky you!

So where are all these valuable technicians? You haven't getting resumes dropped off lately. In fact, no one has even called you in the longest time to see if you could use some help. Does that mean having to work you way through the phone book listings or calling a temp agency? Absolutely not.

Take the easy and proven approach. Use the quick and easy online matchmaking service called the VAR Network. VAR stands for Value Added Resellers. Those are the people you want. They specialize in particular product lines and have the connections and training to bid on your project and deliver results. You don't have to settle for a general "handyman" either. These VARs are professionals, but few represent all lines or offer all services. They specialize. That's an advantage for you, but doesn't it make finding the right VAR difficult?

No, not when the VAR Network is based on an automated online database system with several thousand registered VARs. That's right. Thousands of technicians in the network. Of course, they all have their own service areas. Some major equipment dealers serve the entire nation. Other specialized professionals may serve a very limited geographical area. It doesn't matter because the sophisticated matching capabilities of the VAR Network pair-up your requirements with only those VARs who offer the right expertise and serve your particular area.

Sounds like there's going to be a hefty fee for this service, doesn't it. No, no fee. As a business owner or manager with a definite commercial need, you are just who the technicians in the VAR Network want making inquiries. There is absolutely no fee to browse the network or put in a request for quote. If you have multiple needs, go ahead and put in multiple requests. You'll never pay a fee. What you will get is contact from qualified VARs eager to satisfy your requirements. Then it's up to you to decide which, if any, to hire.

Have you ever felt so important? That's because your business really is important and valued by the technicians in the VAR Network.

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