Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Green Your Cell Phone For St. Patrick's Day

Ah, it's St. Patty's Day - a time for the wearin' of the green. But these days "green" means a lot more than shamrocks or tinted beer. Green means good for the environment as well. How about doing a little something green for good green Earth before you get too caught up in the day's festivities?

Find your pot of gold at the end of your old gadgets.Now don't worry. This will only take a few minutes and you can be on your way. First, you'll need to find that old cell phone you tossed somewhere when you got your brand new one. Did you know that there are something like 100 million cell phones set aside each year? If you piled them all up, you'd find enough gold inside to make a respectable pot at the end of the rainbow. Before the leprechauns get wind of this, you better retrieve that unused phone and see how you can profit from it.

Got your phone? Good. Now see how much your cell phone is worth to a company that recycles them. New model phones can be worth hundreds of dollars. Take it in cash or donate your proceeds to charity. It's up to you. Older devices or broken phones can still be recycled to keep them from polluting the landfill. So send them in as your good deed to honor the day.

Now, didn't that make you feel good? You're just getting started. In addition to selling or recycling cell phones, you can also get cash for your old digital camera, MP3 player, PDA, laptop computer, gaming console, GPS device, camcorder, satellite radio, external hard drive, video game, LCD monitor or even Blu-Ray movies. You get the great feeling of cash in your pocket and the landfill gains a little breathing room. Eventually, everyone will be doing this and there may not be much need for landfills.

Sound interesting? Then take a few minutes to see how to get cash or recycle your old gadgets. There's a short video to watch that explains the process. You can learn what happens to your stuff once you're rid of it. There's an easy search bar so you can quickly find your particular device. Then check off a couple of boxes about condition of the unit and whether you have the AC adaptor and manuals or software. All of these have some effect on how much you'll get. You can even view a chart that shows the price history of your gadget, what it's worth now, and what it may be worth in the future.

Happy St. Patrick's Day and best of luck to you!

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