Wednesday, June 24, 2009

T1 Sales Support Services

For anyone who wants to be involved in the lucrative business of business voice and data sales, such as T1 data lines and ISDN PRI service for PBX telephone systems, there is a brokerage service that can make the process easy and successful.

The VAR Network, operated by Telarus, Inc., is a comprehensive support system designed to link telecom carriers and other service providers with VARs, or Value Added Resellers. VARs usually act as independent manufacturers representatives for business telephone systems, network switches and routers, video conferencing equipment and the like. Most often a VAR's business includes both sales and service, offering the customer a turnkey package and ongoing maintenance.

As hardware and software oriented businesses, many VARs have not expanded their list of services to include the telephone lines or WAN network services that customers need for a complete business solution. More often than not, a customer would be delighted to have a single point of contact for both the equipment and connectivity that they need. Especially if the VAR was able to present a suite of competitive services rather than simply a reference to a single telecom vendor.

The VAR network does this for independent business people who do not necessarily have the in-depth expertise, the inside contacts with multiple carriers, nor the inkling to get in the middle of sometimes involved negotiation and contract paperwork. The VAR network's consultants have all of those tools at their disposal and telecom service sales are all they do. A VAR can easily hand-off the contractual process for line sales to the VAR Network and be confident that they will do everything in their power to close the order.

Other than the satisfaction of making sure the client gets a good deal on their telecom line services, what's in it for the VAR? Monthly residual income, that's what. For every month that a client pays their billed service, the VAR gets a percentage of the amount involved. It might be the same amount every month in the case of a T1 dedicated Internet service. Or, it might vary from month to month in the case of an ISDN PRI telephone trunk where usage varies. Regardless, there is money to be made for the VAR from every sale.

Why pass on this potentially lucrative income stream or try to go it alone in building relationships with the dozens of competitive carriers now in the field? Why, indeed, when membership in the VAR Network is free of charge and you'll get a monthly check as your customers buy, use and pay for their services?

Sound too good to pass up? It is. Learn more and sign up now with the VAR Network.

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