Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dedicated Internet Access Via Ethernet

Broadband Internet access is now almost universal at business locations large and small. But what type of Internet connection are you using? Did you know that your best option might now be Ethernet?

It’s true. Metro Ethernet Networks are not only growing by leaps and bounds, but they offer some valuable advantages for business users that choose this option. Perhaps the least known but most valuable advantage is the cost savings. With an Ethernet access solution, you may wind up paying half or less what it costs you for Internet bandwidth today. That’s a major cost savings without having to give up reliability or dedicated bandwidth levels.

How is dedicated Internet access different from any other kind of broadband service? Dedicated means that you have a certain bandwidth dedicated to your connection. For instance, if you lease a 5 Mbps connection then you can depend on having 5 Mbps available to you at all times. Shared access solutions, typical with consumer grade broadband services, have a pool of bandwidth that is shared among users. Can you afford to have your throughput stifled because someone down the street is downloading HD movies? Perhaps that’s acceptable at home, but in business where time is money? I don’t think so.

Another advantage of Ethernet connections is the wide range of bandwidth options available. Many provider offer everything from T1-level 1.5 Mbps through Gigabit Ethernet. The standard network speeds that run on your LAN are 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps and 1000 Mbps. If you want transparency from the LAN through the WAN, you can match your connection speed to your local network speed. But if you want to save money and don’t need massive bandwidth right now, then pick a service level that gives you the throughput needed to support your applications. You can upgrade later. Ethernet services tend to be more scalable than traditional telecom services, so a simple upgrade request may be all it takes to double your bandwidth when you need to.

Dedicated Internet access via Ethernet also gives you a simple connection to your internal network. The handoff from your service provider is a standard Ethernet jack. The provider usually installs a managed router at your location so that they can monitor the link to their network operations center and catch problems before they impact your business.

Are you required to have fiber optic service to your building to take advantage of Ethernet Internet? Only if you need or want the higher service levels of Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps), Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mbps) or 10 GigE (10,000 Mbps). For bandwidths up to the DS3 level of 45 Mbps and maybe even higher, you may qualify for delivery over already installed twisted pair copper bundles. Ethernet over Copper, or EoC, is a popular way to increase your business bandwidth while perhaps also enjoying a cost savings. You do need to be reasonably close to a carrier office to take advantage of this option, but it is generally available in high density business locations downtown and in suburbia.

Would switching to Metro Ethernet Network service be advantageous to your business? Check availability and pricing for Ethernet Internet access now.

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