Monday, October 26, 2009

Toll Free Number Includes Conference Calling

Are you on the lookout for cheap and easy toll free conference calling? Why not just use your toll free number to host a conference call anytime you want?

Can you really do that? You can if you happen to have a Kall8 toll free number . They start at $2 each with a $2 service fee per month plus the cost of incoming calls. For most calls that will be 6.9 center per minute.

What? Even the cheap conference calling services want more than that. Plus the old-line providers want you go through some rigamarole to schedule your conferences in advance. Does Kall8 really offer this type of conferencing service at such low rates?

Yes, they do. There’s no big fanfare about it. Toll free conference calling is just one of the many features already included in your toll free service. You may not have even known it was there. But it is, and it’s available for your use anytime.

What can you do with Kall8 toll free conferencing? You can call a conference anytime you want. It’s almost as simple as making a telephone call and using a speakerphone at each end. Only with this feature, you can have up to 25 participants located anywhere in the country. They simply dial your toll free number and enter a password that you have sent them. With that, they join the conference.

How much does all this cost again? For each participant calling your toll free number in the continental 48 states, you’ll pay 6.9 cents per minute. Calls coming in from Alaska and Hawaii pay an extra surcharge. If you want people to call for your special training, sales program or other event, you’ll find the total cost is way cheaper than specialized conferencing services that charge 10 to 25 cents per minute for the same service.

Oh, do you want a recorded copy of your conference call? No problem. Just select that feature on your control panel and a link to your recorded conference will be sent to you. The cost is just 5 cents per minute for this additional feature.

Let’s face it. If you’re in business and want to encourage prospects or customers to call you, one of the best ways to do that is by offering a toll free number. Kall8 toll free numbers start at $2 each with instant availability. Then you pay only $2 a month to maintain your service. If nobody calls, that’s all you pay. For each caller, the charge is the same 6.9 cents per minute quoted for conference calls.

Your Kall8 toll free number also has some nice features beyond conferencing. You can change the ring-to number (which phone rings) for your toll free calls anytime you wish. Voice mail is included and can be picked up by calling in, listening online in your account, or having the message sent to you as an email attachment. Inbound FAX messages can also be read online or sent as an email attachment.

What are the extra charges for these deluxe features? There are no extra charges. Those features are included, as are others such as call blocking, custom call forwarding, maximum call length selection, Caller ID display, and calling out on your toll free number as a virtual calling card. All this for a couple of bucks per month plus the cost of the calls.

Is this the best deal in toll free service you’ve ever heard of? Then why not have it for yourself right now? Learn more and order your Kall8 toll free number w/ conference calling feature now.

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