Monday, January 18, 2010

A Smartphone of Mythic Proportions

You’ve been considering a new smartphone. Don’t just buy the first one you see in the store. Not when you can get a smartphone of mythic proportions for FREE.

Smasung Mythic Smartphone for AT&T wireless service.It’s true. This new beauty is the Samsung Mythic A897 Black for AT&T. It has high-end features and should command a high-end price. In some places it does. That’s what I mean by not just grabbing the first thing you like off the shelf. You’ll probably wind up paying way more than you should. In this case, the Mythic is free after instant online discount and comes with free shipping to your home or business, ready to use.

So, what makes this a mythic phone other than the name? First of all is the brilliant 3.3 inch touch screen display. It’s perfecty for streaming AT&T Mobile TV or video conferencing with AT&T Video Share. With Video Share you can show others what you are seeing with live video streaming during your phone call. That’s the beauty of the AT&T network. You can talk and do other things at the same time. Not like some networks we won’t mention here.

By the way, this is both a 3G phone and a world phone. It runs on AT&T’s GSM network, the international standard. It’s capable of operating on the GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900 and 2100 bands for universal coverage.

That big color display is a perfect match to the 3.2 Megapixel digital camera that takes high resolution pix good enough to print as well as share. You can also run it in camcorder mode to make your own movies on the the spot. Get a video messaging plan and share your cinemas with family and friends. Or, upload them to YouTube for worldwide exposure.

Surf the mobile Web, send email, text or instant message. This phone supports them all. If you get too absorbed in what you are doing and get lost, don’t worry. The Samsung Mythic supports AT&T Navigation for turn by turn directions to get you back in familiar territory.

Oh, and what are those Mythic proportions? They're 4.4 inches high by 2.1 inches wide by a mere half inch thick. You also get up to 3 hours of talk time and up to 10 days on standby.

Mobile TV, navigation, video sharing, picture messaging, email, Web browsing and so much more. This is one smart phone. Can you believe that it’s available to you free? Well, it probably won’t be forever so get in on this special offer while it lasts. Learn more and order your Samsung Mythic A897 Black with AT&T wireless service. If it makes sense, get TWO Mythic phones on a family plan. That’s a great way to get the high end wireless phone service you want at a very attractive price.

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