Friday, March 12, 2010

An Android Phone to Devour

Hungry for a Google Android smartphone? Here’s one you can sink your teeth into, although not literally. It is possible to break those touch screens if you bite hard enough.

Motorola DEVOUR Android smartphoneSo, what are we talking about here? Why, the Motorola DEVOUR Silver of course. The DEVOUR is an Android 1.6 smartphone with a physical slide-out full QWERTY keyboard and a 3.1 inch color touch screen. It all wrapped up in a very professional looking silver color shell.

The DEVOUR features MOTOBLUR, a service that syncs and delivers your messages, status updates and contracts to the DEVOUR’s multiple customizable homescreens. No need to login or open apps. The updated data is available at your fingertips.

As a smartphone, the DEVOUR is web-enabled with 3G access where available on the Verizon Wireless EVDO Rev A network. It’s even updatable over the air with Motorola software updates. Plus, there are thousands of apps and hundreds of widgets available on the Android market to customize this smartphone to your personal needs. Your favorite Google apps come pre-loaded. That includes Google Maps, GTalk, Gmail, YouTube, Latitude and others.

The Motorola DEVOUR is a great choice as a business phone, but it’s also a multimedia phone. That starts with a 3.0 Megapixel digital camera that doubles as a camcorder and takes photos good enough to print as well as share. Sharing is made easy with multimedia messaging or via social media websites. Don’t forget that slide out keyboard... you can send text as well as pictures faster than ever with the DEVOUR.

The DEVOUR is a Google Android phone, but is it also a Verizon Wireless smartphone. That give you access to Verizon’s V CAST music with Rhapsody. You’ll have unlimited access to millions of songs for one flat monthly rate. Of course, you can also load your own music into the DEVOUR’s MP3 player and take your personal song collection with you. Just plug-in your standard 3.5mm stereo headset and you’re ready to listen. You can also use a Bluetooth stereo headset or other A2DP Bluetooth enabled device to stream your music wirelessly.

Have you been wanting an Android phone that works for both business and pleasure? Perhaps this is the one to tempt your taste buds. Learn more and order your Motorola DEVOUR Silver with Verizon Wireless service at a deep online discount, with free shipping via FedEX.

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