Friday, August 13, 2010

Samsung Intercept Android Phone Goes NASCAR

What’s exciting, compelling, and goes so fast you can hardly keep up with it?

How about NASCAR? Certainly true. But that also applies to the Samsung Intercept Android phone. Oddly enough, both are connected.

Samsung Intercept Android Phone. Click for more.The Samsung Intercept M910 for Sprint is a dual phone. It has the large 3 inch touch screen display you expect in a smartphone. But it also has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard that gives you real keys large enough for efficient texting and other typing.

Yes, this is an Android phone. It runs Android 2.1. You can choose from thousands of apps from the Android market to customize this phone as your own.

What other goodies are included? How about a 3.2 Megapixel digital camera that takes high resolution still photos but also doubles as a video camera? It has that plus support for streaming media so you can watch live TV and video on demand with full motion video and vivid sound. Catch the latest news, sports, weather and entertainment while you are on the go with Sprint TV. Who wants a TV that’s tied to the wall anymore?

You can connect with colleagues, friends and family via text, email or instant message. You can listen to your voicemail in any order and manage your inbox without calling-in by using visual voicemail. You’ll also be connected to work with the ability to view Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents. Or just ignore them and face the wrath of your boss later. What you really want to do is tweet, and access to Twitter is built-in. So is Facebook access. I guess you really don’t have time to look at those Excel spreadsheets after all.

The Samsung Intercept has GPS services support for location-based services like Google Maps. It also sports a full HTML Web browser so you can surf the Web at will. But will you have enough speed to do so? You’ll will with Sprint’s 3G EV-DO data network. You can also save your minutes by using WiFi access when you are in a WiFi hotspot.

This all sounds great, but what’s the connection with NASCAR? Oh, that’s easy. NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile instantly connects you to the world of NASCAR. Once you have that, other cell phones seem so.... s-l-o-w.

If this sounds like the smartphone you’ve been waiting for, learn more and order your Samsung Intercept for Sprint online, where it is free after instant discount with free shipping via FedEx included. You were going to stand in line at a cell phone store, why?

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