Friday, November 19, 2010

It’s Free Phones Time For The Holidays

We’re right on the cusp of the official start to the holiday season, with a mad dash through the stores beginning the day after Thanksgiving. Before you get caught up in the hoopla and wind up spending a bundle on smartphones you fall in love with, why not take a breath and see if you can get those same phones for free?

How do you do that? What you need is a specialized search engine. It’s designed to find only those cell phones that are free to you when you order them with new service. You’ll find that search engine at Cell Phone Plan Finder.

Check out the current free phones selections. Click for details...

Are there really more than a few obsolete phone models being given away? Hey, you be the judge. At this writing I count 23 wireless phones of all makes and models available at no charge. The majority of these are smartphones and the rest are current technology cell phones. Let’s take a look at these offerings.

The first two on the list are the BlackBerry Curve and BlackBerry Bold for AT&T. If you like that carrier, you can also get the Motorola BACKFLIP with MOTOBLUR, the Samsung Eternity II, The Samsung Strive in black and purple, and the Samsung Rugby II, to name a few.

If Verizon is more your choice, you’ll be able to pick up the BlackBerry Storm2, BlackBerry Tour, LG Ally, Motorola DEVOUR and Verizon Wireless Salute.

How about T-Mobile? Yes, you can get the Motorola Cliq XT with MOTOBLUR, the Nokia 2720 or Samsung T249, all for free.

Sprint has the Samsung M240 in silver or the Samsung M360 as their free offering.

Oh, you didn’t see the “FREE” sign on these phones when you took your whirlwind tour of the cell phone and big box stores? That’s because you have to know where to shop to get the really good deals. I’d suggest that you take few minutes right now to check out the free cell phones available at Cell Phone Plan Finder.

Is that all the phones that are available at a huge discount? No, just the free ones. There are dozens more available at deep discounts to their retail prices and even the special offers you find in the newspaper. Why not check out the phone available for your favorite carrier or browse the complete selection at Cell Phone Plan Finder.

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