Friday, March 18, 2011

Unlimited International Landline Calls

You know that International phone calls are expensive. That’s why you find making calls on the Internet so compelling. As long as you are making a computer to computer call, you don’t have to pay anything beyond your broadband charges. But what if you want to call from your regular phone line or from your cell phone? Is there any way to talk as much as you want for one low fee?

Check out unlimited international long distance calling now. Click for plans and availability.There is now. The service you want is IBNtel Unlimited Long Distance. It’s a new calling service that works with the phones you have. No need to have the computer turned on or be anywhere near it. You won’t be using your computer for this service. It’s an unlimited long distance telephone service that includes international destinations.

Even long distance calls in the USA are expensive if you simply use the default long distance service from your local phone company. That’s why many landline users have one service for local dial tone and another for long distance calls. Cellular plans pretty much cover all calls within the United States as part of the minutes plan. Just try and call across the border, however, and you’ll get a nasty surprise. Either your call won’t go through at all or you’ll get a big fat charge on your next phone bill.

This is why you need an add-on international calling service. If you call from the US to any other country and need to talk for long periods of time or just make a lot of calls, you’ll get nickeled and dimed to death by most long distance services and most prepaid calling cards. They’re just plain expensive when you don’t use them all at once and a nuisance to keep buying or refilling. Why deal with that hassle when you can just pay one low monthly fee and talk all you want for free after that?

Technically speaking, IBNtel Unlimited Long Distance service is what is called an international dial-around long distance service. What that means is that you “dial around” your current telephone services when you want to make those international calls. You won’t be switching you present local, long distance or cellular service providers. Those plans will still work the way they do now. You simply register the phone you’ll be using and dial a special local access number to get those free US long distance and international calls. Yes, you can register your cell phone can make unlimited international calls. You won’t get charged extra, but you’ll likely be using minutes on your cellular plan as with any other call.

With IBNtel’s unlimited LD service, you make unlimited calls to any landline or cellular phone in the USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Singapore or Thailand. For the remaining of the 60 countries on the list, you can make free calls to landline destinations only. Calls to cell phone or calls to countries not on the list have additional charges, although you may find them cheaper than what you are paying now.

How much does this unlimited long distance cost? It’s just $17.50 a month with a 1 year commitment or $19.50 a month with no annual contracts. If you are currently spending hundreds of dollars a month on international long distance, you should check this out at your earliest convenience. It’s just too good a deal to pass up.

Please note that this is a new service and has not rolled out everywhere just yet. To see if your local area qualifies, check for service availability now. If your location isn’t hooked up yet, try back in a few weeks, as new local access codes are in the process of being added.

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