Friday, July 15, 2011

For Green Hosting, Come to Papa

When it comes to green hosting, your papa knows best. That’s your HostPapa, of course. 100% Green Energy Web HostingHostPapa offers extraordinary values on website hosting to begin with. You can pay less than $4 a month on the 3 year plan, while getting a free domain, no setup charges, the ability to host unlimited domains, plus free ad credits to get your web marketing efforts kick-started.

Oh, but what the restrictions on storage and bandwidth? There are none. You have access to unlimited disk space and unlimited monthly bandwidth. Why, it’s almost like being the in the cloud, but with an ultra-low fixed monthly fee. All this and green, too?

What’s the green story? You may have heard that data centers are huge energy users. It’s a double whammy. First you pay for the electricity to run the servers and appliances. Then you pay again for the electricity it takes to keep the equipment cool. If you don’t keep everything in balance, the equipment fails and you are offline.

It would be nice if all that energy were being created from renewable energy sources. But, sadly, most data centers run on whatever happens to be available without regard to the type of generation. That includes many web hosting companies. They’re in the business of hosting websites, not worrying about where the electricity comes from and what it may be doing to the environment.

Well, HostPapa doesn’t feel that way. They believe in powering their servers with renewable energy sources. They might like to put up their own wind generators, but that’s not practical in most locations. An excellent alternative is to support wind and solar projects that wouldn’t otherwise be practical. You do that by purchasing renewable green energy certificates, also called green tags. Those certificates put green energy in the grid to offset coal and gas fired generators elsewhere.

HostPapa has purchased green tags equivalent to 100% of their energy consumption. Those tags come from wind, solar, and animal waste to energy projects in the Pacific NorthWest and Canada.

With HostPapa you can feel good about your environmental choice of Web Host and get an excellent deal on hosting at the same time. In addition to the standard hosting plan that works for most users, HostPapa also offers a reseller account for those want to set up their own private branded hosting services or anyone with multiple domains who wants to keep them completely separate. A reseller account is like a bundle of hosting accounts, each with its own control panel plus a master control panel for the providers.

Reseller hosting can be used to support any number of websites. The limitation is the amount of disk space and bandwidth in your account. You can start with the smallest account that will accommodate your suite of websites and upgrade as you need more room or bandwidth.

Lots of web hosting companies have a flurry of hosting plans with a myriad of different options. HostPapa simplifies this with just a standard webhosting plan with unlimited resources plus a scalable reseller plan. They also offer a special service to create a mobile version of your site. If you have customers or clients that use iPhones, Blackberries or other mobile devices, you can make it easy for them to do business with you by offering a site optimized for mobile users.

Are you interested in green hosting at a highly attractive price with all the features you need to host your sites on the Web, check out the offers from HostPapa.

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