Thursday, July 14, 2011

NobelDialer Makes International Phone Cards Painless

International phone rates have come down over the years, but not that much. Many people have adopted the prepaid phone card as a way to get bargain basement prices for their international phone calls. But phone cards can be a pain to use compared to just direct dialing the number you want. What would be ideal is the rates of a prepaid card with the dialing convenience of a standard long distance plan.

NobelCom has come up with an app for your favorite smartphone that makes the dialing easy again. It’s called the NobelDialer and it’s free. You have your choice of downloads for iPhone, Android or BlackBerry.

What does the NobelDialer app do? It automatically dials the access number, PINs and destination numbers for the calls you want to make. You can call your address book contacts or do a fast dial through a favorites screen. It maintains a built-in list of access numbers and call history. The NobelDialer even works with PIN-less calling cards to use ANI or automatic number identification by the service provider. If you need help, there’s a toll free number to call for assistance.

Here’s how to use the NobelDIaler. You download and install the application software for the particular brand of smartphone you own. It comes customized for iPhones, Android phones and BlackBerry devices. Then launch NobelDialer and follow a one time 3 step setup wizard to get started. What then? Start calling. Enter the country code and destination number. You don’t need to include the “011” or “+” portion of the international number.

You don’t change your long distance service or make any changes to your cell phone plan with NobelCom. This is an add-on service that you use only when you want to save money on long distance phone calls. In most cases, this means calls to another country that either cost a fortune with your current phone service or are blocked completely.

NobelCom specializes prepaid calling cards like the ones you find at convenience stores, but with more options and better rates. Prepaid calling cards can give you excellent calling rates, such as 1.2 cents per minute to France or China, 13.4 cents per minute to Afghanistan and 3.9 cents per minute to Iraq. Calls to Mexico start at 2 cents per minute, with Italy and South Korea at a mere 1.4 cents per minute. Is it possible to call overseas for less than a penny a minute? Yes. Call the United Kingdom for 0.9 cents per minute. All of these are advertised rates on the NobelCom site as of this writing.

There’s a real art to maximizing the potential of prepaid calling cards and NobelCom helps guide you through it. Every card has a certain rates and conditions. Some have rock bottom per minute rates, but charge you a weekly maintenance fee. Some have a connection fee. Rounding can be to the nearest second, minute, or multiple minutes. That’s important if you make a lot of short calls. You don’t want to make a dozen 1 minute calls but have them rounded to 4 minutes minimum. If you are going to make just one or two calls for an hour, then the rounding isn’t so important.

You can call to just about any country or from any country on Earth with prepaid calling cards. It’s just a matter of picking the right card to meet your needs. If you have a smartphone, don’t forget to get the NobelDialer and really make dialing a fast and easy process.

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